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Art Testers 2018

Turku Philharmonic Orchestra is part of project called Art Testers, funded by The Finnish Cultural Foundation and The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland. In the turn of November and December there will be approximately 5200 8th grade pupils visiting the Concert Hall. The pupils come from schools of Finland Proper and Southern Finland areas. They will be art-testing our concert Nutcracker where Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker (concert version) is performed. Staged here through the means of contemporary puppet theatre made by Aura of Puppets, this production is visually gorgeous and focuses on themes relevant for viewers of all ages, besides creating a new kind of stage aesthetic by combining various art forms. Our important co-operative partner in Art Testers –project is Turun Taideakatemia (Turku Arts Academy) of Turku University of Applied Sciences. The students of Arts Academy will be producing the before- and after assignments and will also act as the art-testing guides for the Art Testers.

The Art Testers project of The Finnish Cultural Foundation is aiming to get the Finnish youth to experience art, also that kind of art that otherwise would not be accessible for all of them. The project is implemented in co-operation with Association of Finnish Children’s Cultural Centers that is responsible for the coordination, transport and administration of the Art Testers. The total costs are 15-20 million euros, depending on how many classes will participate in the Art Testers -project. The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland’s share of the financing is approximately 1,2million euros.

The Finnish Cultural Foundation has also been preparing the project in co-operation with Ministry of Education and Culture, Finnish National Agency for Education, Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities and Finnish Principal’s Association (Suomen Rehtorit ry). The project is part of the repertoire of Finland’s 100th anniversary of independence.

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