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Children's music salon: The Mouse - An Orchestral Tale

Satu Simola, conductor and narrator

TPO:s Mouse Orchestra:

Maija Kontunen, violin
Sauli Kulmala, viola
Katja Kolehmainen, cello
Anu Honkanen, flute
Tapio Liukkonen, clarinett
Tanja Nisonen, horn
Pasi Helin, piano

Satu Simola´s The Mouse – An orchestral tale is a concert for the whole family. It is tale of a mouse that lives in a monstrous machine he himself has built to protect himself against the world. But the Mouse is lonely in the machine. One day, a bird of paradise lands on top of the machine. The Mouse must choose whether to chase away a potential friend or to give up the safety of the machine and allow the bird to stay. The story lasts about 20 minutes. The concert also includes children’s songs and instrument presentations.

The length of the concert is approx. 45 min.  No intermission.

Turku Concert Hall
10.2. 16:00
16.00 € | 9.00 € | 9.00 €