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Thu 16.11.2017
Turku Concert Hall

Psst! This one's already gone.

Public dress rehearsal: Pohjola's Daughter

Culture Card holders and school and day care groups can enjoy the public final rehearsals free of charge.

Leif Segerstam, conductor
Niamh McKenna, flute

Jean Sibelius: Pohjola's Daughter
Aram Hatšaturjan: Flute Concerto
Einojuhani Rautavaara: Symphony No. 8 " The Journey"

The exact duration of the public final rehearsals varies depending on the concert program. Final rehearsals are a walk-through of the whole concert. The orchestra rehears also separate parts or stems depending on the conductor and the program.

Final rehearsals are held in Turku Concert Hall unless stated otherwise. Concert Hall doors are opened around 10.30 and audience is seated few minutes before the rehearsal begins. The cafeteria is not open during the rehearsals. Open final rehearsal for school and kindergarten groups takes usually 45 minutes. The group can prepare thir visit with advance material. Check more details on Children’s site.

Price 0.00 €