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Vino-gallery is located in the Turku Concert Hall, where the ramp's wall between downstairs and upstairs is covered in art. Vino-gallery changes biannually. 

Vino-gallery's exhibition in Spring 2018


This abstract and colourful mural takes its influence from the massive and rhytmic wave motion of the sea. Powerful waves are pushed by the wind back and forth creating riptides.
The waves roll from opposite directions crashing into each other and creates light foam.

Surf adapts Vino-gallery’s skewed wall, and the space’s directions. Up and down, right to left. It is cheerful and curious as the water is.

Surf is the first mural painted in a public space by Jessica Koivistoinen. In her art work Koivistoinen takes influence from nature, idioms of different textures and loud colours. Koivistoinen studies Fine Art in Turku Arts Academy.

Jessica Koivistoinen


Surf in the Concert Hall´s Vino-gallery.