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Vino-gallery is located in the Turku Concert Hall, where the ramp's wall between downstairs and upstairs is covered in art. Vino-gallery changes biannually. 

Vino-gallery's exhibition in Autumn 2018



The work Wall-X is based on screenshots of the wall Trump got built on the border of Mexico and The United States. The questions of mobility and a freedom to experience cultures are the ultimate questions the work is contemplating. Who has the right for freedom and free mobility?

The creatures of the work are universal. They born and seem to recur without distinct sexuality, nationality or any other specifying factors. However, they have feature and human emotions that are reminding us of humanity.

Life and mobility set many kinds of questions for which the narrator has no answers. It creates a reflection of freedom and gratitude, thinking whom to be greatful to.

Wall-X is realised with mixing different medias from photograph to painting and collage working. “I don’t want to work in a way that everything would be premeditated or that I would be stuck with certain materials, movement has to be free. When you try to control things, everything becomes forced.”

The artist Niina Villanueva (b. 1984) has studied in Art Institute of Orivesi, Institute of Visual communication and Nordic Art School. Currently she continues her studies in Turku Arts Academy.


Niina Villanueva