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23.5.2017 10.31

Turku Concert Hall Sales Service is closed from 12th of June to 30th of August 2017.

Turku Cultural Shop Ars Musica is closed from 24th of July to 30th July 2017.

Lippupiste points of sale and are open normally during the summer time.

For more information about ticket sales please click HERE.

Have a warm summer!

18.5.2017 14.23

Album includes Brahms' second symphony and Segerstam's symphony no. 289, "When a cat visited". Segerstam conducts. 

Alba will eventually release four albums with music by Brahms and Segerstam. The albums will include all four symphonies by Brahms with Segerstam's symphonies no. 288 “Letting the FLOW go on...”, no. 289 "When a cat visited", no. 294 "Songs of a UNICORN heralding"... and no. 295 "ulF SöDErBlom in Memoriam...."

The album is available at Turku Cultural Shop Ars Musica (Turku Concert Hall, Aninkaistenkatu 9, Mon to Fri 11.00–17.00 and before events at the Concert Hall, Tel. +358-2-233 3663).





10.5.2017 11.31

Julian Rachlin, the new Principal Guest Conductor of the Turku Philharmonic Orchestra, conducts a fresh spring serving of Mozart in two Birdsong concerts in Turku Concert Hall thursday 11th and friday 12th of May. Zhang Zuo is performing as piano soloist.

Thursday's concert is also send direct via orchestra's web site.

Birdsong in Turku Concert Hall thu 11.5, och fri 12.5 kl. 19. Julian Rachlin, conductor, Zhang Zuo, piano, Turku Philharmonic Orchestra. Mozart: Piano concerto No. 20 and  Symphony No 40. Tickets 23,50/18,50/9,50 €. Web concert thursday the 11th.

2.5.2017 09.26

Popular conductor Christian Vásquez conducts Turku Philharmonic Orchestra in two Spring Scream concerts at Turku Concert Hall Thursday May 4th and Friday May 5th. On programme there are Aaron Copland's Appalachian Spring, Alexandr Arutjunjan's Trumpet Concerto and Igor Stravinsky's Rite of Spring. The virtuoso trumpet concerto is performed by Pacho Flores from Venezuela.



24.4.2017 10.04

The centenary of the birth of jazz trumpet palyer Dizzy Gillespie is celebrated by leading Finnish jazz musicians together with the Turku Philharmonic. The swinging programme is planned by sax player Jukka Perko. The best bits of the concert will be repeated on May Day with the wonderful singer Aili Ikonen as guest soloist.


Jukka Perko Goes Dizzy! at Turku Concert Hall Wed 26.4 at 7pm. Jukka Perko, saxophone, Antti Lötjönen, double bass, Sami Koskela, percussion, Teppo Mäkynen, drums, Turku Philharmonic Orchestra. Tickets 23,50/18,50/9,50 €. 1st of May Concert at Turku Concert Hall Mon 1.5. at 3pm. Jukka Perko, saksophone, Antti Lötjönen, double bass, Sami Koskela, percussion, Teppo Mäkynen, drums, Aili Ikonen, vocal, Turku Philharmonic Orchestra. Tickets 23,50/18,50/9,50 €.

21.4.2017 13.05


Turku Philharmonic Orchestra’s autumn season 2017 has published. During autumn season we hear impressive Change-concerts, top class soloists, premières and versatile chamber music concerts. Autumn ends with swinging Christmas concert. For children, autumn provides animal-themed children’s songs paired with African instruments and dancing.


Change series continues


Change series, which began in January continues during autumn season. In September we hear Sorrowful song –concert, conducted by chief conductor Leif Segerstam. In Górecki’s Symphony of Sorrowful Songs, the grief of a mother who has lost her child coalesces into aching melodies. The other Change-concert is Festive concert: Reformation! in November. To mark the Jubilee Year celebrating 500 years since the Reformation, the Turku Philharmonic commissioned Pauliina Isomäki to write a festive oratorio. Its world première at Turku Cathedral is one of the most significant world premieres of the year. Concert is conducted by Ruut Kiiski. Change series also includes concert Parsifal in August, produced by Turku Music Festival.


Change-concerts are included with free lecture. Lectures are held at Tietotori of Turku City Library at Tuesday of the concert week. Change-concerts are streamed live and they can be seen from orchestra’s website. Concert conducted by Leif Segerstam is also a live tweet -concert, where audience can buy a ticket from Twitter-stand and share their concert experience direct in social media.



Great symphony and orchestras own talents


At the opening concert of the autumn season, Autumn Sun, we hear Sibelius’s fifth symphony, which is one of Sibelius’s most popular. It is paired with Klami’s evocative Kalevala Suite and two virtuoso arias by Beethoven. This programme will also be performed at the Mariinsky Concert Hall in St. Petersburg as part of the celebrations of the centenary of Finland’s independence. A celebration of Finnish music, concert True or false? features the world premiere of a new work by Uljas Pulkkis. Cello soloist will be Roi Ruottinen, TPO: s Principal Cellist. The other orchestra’s own virtuoso is principal flute Niamh McKenna, who performs in the concert Pohjola’s Daughter. She takes center stage here in Khatchaturian’s Flute Concerto.



Romance with guitar and violin


The concert Chitarra d’amore forms part of the Turku Guitar Festival and focuses on Italian music. Patrik Kleemola, an internationally acknowledged Finnish guitar player, appears as soloist in the melodic Guitar Concertto of Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco. The concert opens with Respighi’s romantic “Botticelli Triptych”, where the composer depicts famous painting such as The Birth of Venus. Conducted by Julian Rachlin, the new Principal Guest Conductor of the Turku Philharmonic, the concert La dolce vita is a programme bubbling with joy, lovely melodies and romance. Mozart’s Sinfonia Concertante is a showcase for violin and viola, here performed by Rachlin himself and Sarah McElravy. Mendelssohn’s “Italian” Symphony transports us to the Mediterranean sun.



Fantastic eternity


Christian Kluxen, known by top orchestras around the world as the ”Mighty Viking”, returns to conduct the Turku Philharmonic in two concerts 26.10 and 27.10. where soloist is Juho Pohjonen, a pianist whose international career is on the ascendant. Alberto Hold-Garrido conducts the concert Fantastique! where Berlioz’s Symphonie fantastique is visualized by lighting designer Timo Ollila and Dance Theatre ERI.


Turku Philharmonic Orchestra’s musicians will perform in four chamber music concerts during th e autumn season 2017. A chamber music concert at the Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art features a trip from Finland via Japan to the USA. At a concert at Hus Lindman a brass ensemble performs familiar pieces from the opera and chamber music repertoires, at Donner Institute we hear music for string quartet and harp, and at Turku Castle we hear Octets from Schibert and Widmann.


Ticket sales

Tickets for autumn season will be released Monday April 24th 2017. Season tickets will be on sale 18.4.-8.9.2017. Tickets for Turku Philharmonic Orchestra’s concerts are sold by Lippupiste, In Turku, tickets can be bought from Turku cultural shop Ars Musica at Turku Concert Hall, open Mon to Fri 11am-5pm and before events at the Concert Hall. On concert nights, tickets may be bought at the door from one hour before concert, if there are available tickets left. Turku Concert Hall, Aninkaistenkatu 9, 20100 Turku.



More information and interview requests


Salla Koskialho, press relations and marketing
+358 (0) 44 907 2091,
Turku Philharmonic Orchestra
Recreation Division 


13.4.2017 12.32

Kapellimestari Jutta Seppinen johtaa Turun filharmonisen orkesterin Pääsiäiskonsertin Turun tuomiokirkossa pitkänäperjantaina 14.4. Solisteina esiintyvät sopraano Hanna-Leena Haapamäki, tenori Jussi Myllys ja basso Niklas Spångberg, ja kuoro-osuuksista vastaa Chorus Cathedralis Aboensis. Niklas Spångberg korvaa Janne Sundqvistin, joka on joutunut peruuttamaan esiintymisensä sairastumisen vuoksi. Bassobaritoni Niklas Spångberg on esiintynyt laajasti oopperanäyttämöillä sekä orkesterien solistina ennen kaikkea kotimaassa. Ohjelmassa on Beethovenin harvemmin esitettyjä teoksia, Elegischer Gesang sekä Kristus Öljymäellä.


Pääsiäiskonsertti Turun tuomiokirkossa pe 14.4. klo 18. Jutta Seppinen, kapellimestari, Hanna-Leena Haapamäki, sopraano, Jussi Myllys, tenori, Niklas Spångberg, basso, Chorus Cathedralis Aboensis, Turun filharmoninen orkesteri. Beethoven: Elegischer Gesang op. 118 ja Kristus Öljymäellä. Liput 23,50/18,50/9,50 €. Konsertti on loppuunmyyty.

23.3.2017 10.48

City of Turku Cultural Board chose Markéta (Maati) Rehor (b.1976, Raahe) as the new Chief Executive of Turku Philharmonic Orchestra, from 1st of August 2017.

Maati Rehor graduated as Master of Music from the Arts Management program at Sibelius Academy.  She is also qualified as a music teacher.  

Rehor is the current executive director of Avanti! She has also worked as the executive director of Finnish Jazz Federation and as a producer at Sibelius Academy and has been active with Flame Jazz in Turku.  

Rehor has also been working as a vocal instructor and singer.



15.3.2017 10.57

In addition to the stormy and poetic Piano Concerto in D minor the programme includes the celebrated Symphony in G minor.

Julian Rachlin, charming international star and the new Principal Guest Conductor of the Turku Philharmonic, conducts
this fresh spring serving of Mozart.

Chinese-born soloist Zhang Zuo is known familiarly as "Zee Zee".

Julian Rachlin, conductor
Zhang Zuo, piano

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:
Piano Concerto No. 20
Symphony No. 40

9.3.2017 10.41

Turku Conservatory and Turku Philharmonic Orchestra along with their cooperation partners offers almost 40 musical events for kids in all ages in Children's Music Festival. The goal is to introduce music as a possible experience, hobby or even career to children and youngters. 

This year the main theme is Turku Conservatorys's and Music Institute Arkipelag's Metsä soikoon!- project (translated "Let the forest sing") which includes nature themed concerts and events. Also the centenary of Finland’s independence will show in the program.

In the same time wih Childen's Music Festival is also an open apply to Turku Conservatory. The studies will start in autumn 2017.

Majority of the events are free, unless otherwise specified.

Welcome to Children's Music Festival with us! Follow us also in Facebook.