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23.3.2017 10.48

City of Turku Cultural Board chose Markéta (Maati) Rehor (b.1976, Raahe) as the new Chief Executive of Turku Philharmonic Orchestra, from 1st of August 2017.

Maati Rehor graduated as Master of Music from the Arts Management program at Sibelius Academy.  She is also qualified as a music teacher.  

Rehor is the current executive director of Avanti! She has also worked as the executive director of Finnish Jazz Federation and as a producer at Sibelius Academy and has been active with Flame Jazz in Turku.  

Rehor has also been working as a vocal instructor and singer.



15.3.2017 10.57

In addition to the stormy and poetic Piano Concerto in D minor the programme includes the celebrated Symphony in G minor.

Julian Rachlin, charming international star and the new Principal Guest Conductor of the Turku Philharmonic, conducts
this fresh spring serving of Mozart.

Chinese-born soloist Zhang Zuo is known familiarly as "Zee Zee".

Julian Rachlin, conductor
Zhang Zuo, piano

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:
Piano Concerto No. 20
Symphony No. 40

9.3.2017 10.41

Turku Conservatory and Turku Philharmonic Orchestra along with their cooperation partners offers almost 40 musical events for kids in all ages in Children's Music Festival. The goal is to introduce music as a possible experience, hobby or even career to children and youngters. 

This year the main theme is Turku Conservatorys's and Music Institute Arkipelag's Metsä soikoon!- project (translated "Let the forest sing") which includes nature themed concerts and events. Also the centenary of Finland’s independence will show in the program.

In the same time wih Childen's Music Festival is also an open apply to Turku Conservatory. The studies will start in autumn 2017.

Majority of the events are free, unless otherwise specified.

Welcome to Children's Music Festival with us! Follow us also in Facebook.

7.3.2017 16.52

Yonoton mobile app makes concert intermission services at Turku concert hall smoother. The app will be available early this spring.

More information:


7.3.2017 16.33

Turku philharmonic orchestra organizes the concert Sing Along @ Hansa Sat 20.5. 1pm. The concert takes place at Hansa shopping center and the programme includes Beethoven's 9th and Sibelius' Finlandia. Leif Segerstam conducts.



7.3.2017 15.49

"A well--rounded opera, has the qualities to become an international success"

Siskotuulikki Toijonen / Kansan Uutiset 3.3.17


"A historically significant work"

Lauri Mäntysaari / TS 1.3.17


"A scorching experience...the audience was enchanted and gave a standing ovation."

Matti Saurama / Demokraatti 1.3.17


"On selvää, että Die Kalewainen in Pochjola on täysipainoinen ooppera, jolla on kaikki edellytykset saavuttaa kansainvälistäkin menestystä. Kantaesitystään 127 vuotta odottaneen oopperan esittäminen Suomen Turussa Suomen juhlavuonna on todellinen kulttuuriteko."

Siskotuulikki Toijonen / Kansan Uutiset 3.3.17


"Nyt sopii kysyä, oliko Kalewainen sen komeaan, täysimittaiseen suurtuotantoon käytetyn työn ja vaivan arvoinen. Vastaus on ehdoton kyllä!"

"Oopperan vuolasta ja lämminsointista, suurelle orkesterille kirjoitettua sävelromantiikkaa oli joka hetki ilo kuunnella Leif Segerstamin mestarillisesti johtamassa esityksessä."

Hannu-Ilari Lampila / HS 2.3.17


"Gå för allt i världen och se detta unikum" "resultatet är helt överväldigande" "Musiken passar Segerstam som hand i handske" 

Folke Forsman / ÅU 2.3.17


"Turun musiikkijuhlien tuella Logomossa toteutettu suurproduktio onnistuu siinä, missä se vain voi." "Die Kalewainen on historiallisesti merkittävä teos, joka on pitkän unohduksen jälkeen saanut Turussa arvokkaan kohtelun."

Lauri Mäntysaari / TS 1.3.17


"Urpremiären på Die Kalewainen in Pochjola blev en veritabel framgång." "Leif Segerstam är bästa tänkbara man för att dirigera operan och Åbofilharmonikerna spelar helt i nivå med exempelvis Nationaloperans orkester."

Wilhelm Kvist / HBL 1.3.17


"Musiikki oli loisteliasta, kantaesitys kevään oopperatapaus" "Tämän täytyy lähteä vaikka ulkomaille"

Janne Koskinen / Herrasmiehen päiväkirja 1.3.17


"Palava esitys, polttava kokemus. Yleisö huumautui, nousi seisomaan ja aplodeerasi. Ei turha hanke, ei vähä mitään!"

Matti Saurama / Demokraatti 1.3.17


"Es ist zu hoffen, dass diese Arbeit nicht wieder in Vergessenheit gerät."

Zenaida des Aubris / O-Ton 

1.2.2017 15.58

Turku Concert Hall's new Lyon & Healy harp got the name Aura.

Almost a hundred suggestions came in when we asked what the new harp in Turku Concert Hall should be called. Finally the judges chose the name Aura, suggested by several persons.

In addition to sounding beautiful, the name Aura refers to the river Aura passing through the city of Turku. It can also be thought to be a feminine form of the latin word "aurum", meaning gold - a very appropriate name for the beautiful, golden insturment that from now on can be heard at Turku Philharmonics' concerts.

1.2.2017 15.31

The orchestra´s spring season began with series “You must be the change you wish to see in the world” and Beethoven´s Symphony No. 9 “Ode to Joy” conducted by Leif Segerstam. If you missed the live performance or wish to enjoy the concert again, please go to our web concert archive to find all the previous web concerts. In the lecture that also took place in the concert week music researcher, docent Susanna Välimäki discussed about music´s role as peacemaker. You can rewatch a record from the lecture from Change´s web page. Please follow the page regularly as there will be uploads throughout the year about the concerts and lectures in Change.


Next theme in the Change-series is Freedom of Expression in April. On Thursday 6th and Friday 7th of April we will hear Dmitri Shostakovich´s Symphony No. 7 “Leningrad”. The symphony is a monument to the horrors of war and a symbol of opposition to Nazism and militarism. Shostakovich wrote the Symphony during the siege of Leningrad in 1941. The evenings will begin with Alexander Scriabin´s visionary Rêverie. Leif Segerstam conducts the orchestra.


Three lectures that focus on Russian literature and poetry are included in the theme Freedom of Expression. On Tuesday 4th of April professor emeritus of Russian literature Pekka Pesonen will give a lecture, on Wednesday the 5th of April we will hear author Marja-Leena Mikkola and on Thursday 6th of April recitators Eilakaija Sippo and Iiro Kajas with cellist Teemu Mastovaara will perform. The lectures are held in cooperation with Turku Library Services in the library´s Tietotori at 5 pm.

27.1.2017 14.09

Chief conductor Leif Segerstam conducts the Turku Philharmonic Orchesta in church concert Music in the Cathedral at 9th of Feb. At the Turku Cathedral we will hear Beethoven’s ballet’s Prometheus concert version.

Prometheus is a Titan in Greek mythology who was the creator of mankind and its greatest benefactor, who stole fire from Mount Olympus and gave it to mankind.

Composer Beethoven was a musical titan of its own and a hero, who despite the difficulties brought the musical light to mankind. Ballet Die Geschöpfe des Prometheus (The Creatures of Prometheus) was composed in years 1800–1801.

Music in the Cathedral 9th of Feb at 7 pm. Leif Segerstam, conductor, Turku Philharmonic Orchestra. Beethoven: Prometheus. Tickets EUR 21/16/9.

27.1.2017 10.24

Young talented musicians 23 years old Fumiaki Miura and 19 years old Jonathan Roozeman will be performing as soloists with Turku Philharmonic Orchestra at Thu 2nd of Feb. 

The concert conducted by German conductor Anja Bihlmaier includes Johannes Brahms' Double Concerto and Antonín Dvořák's Symphony No. 8.  Brahms' Concerto for Violin and Cello "Double Concerto" was completed in 1887 and remained Brahms' last orchestral piece. Dvořák's Symphony from year 1889  is a celebration of joy stemming from Bohemian folk music.

The violinist Fumiaki Miura will be playing with his new instrument Stradivarius "Ex-Viotti" which has been made in 1704 in Cremona. The instrument is on loan to him courtesy from Nippon Violin Foundation from Tokyo. 

Bohemian at the Turku Concert Hall Thu 2nd Feb at 7 pm. Anja Bihlmaier, conductor, Fumiaki Miura, violin, Jonathan Roozeman, cello, Turku Philharmonic Orchestra. Brahms – Dvořák. Sold out.