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How to vote?

Concert Halls Colours and lights come alive in the Fantastique!-concert! Listeners have the chance to participate and vote for a colour that best fits to the ambience. The colour that gets most of the votes will dominate the Concert Hall during the next piece.

Join and be part of the magnificent #tfovirtual experience!

Participation to the colour voting is simple:

1.       Open the browser from your gadget
2.       Go to a following address:
3.       Follow the instructions on the page!

#tfovirtual pilots at the Fantastique

On Thu. 30th November and Fri. 1st December at 7pm audience has a chance to join in the making of the Turku Philharmonic Orchestras Fantastique! –concert experience. In the concerts all five parts of Berlioz’s Fantastic Symphony get their own ambience of colours and lights. The audience can vote in real-time which colour best fits the mood of each part. To participate in the voting is simple – you just need a smartphone or a tablet with internet access.   

The voting platform used in the Fantastique! –concerts is part of the new #tfovirtual concert, that aims to create an inclusive, modern concert experience. The most important part of the #tfovirtual concert  is to give the audience a possibility to transform from a passive role to an active one. Virtual experience makes the concert feel more individual. #tfovirtual has been made possible by the Ministry of Education and Culture. Technical and visual realization by Citrus Solutions Ltd. The first virtual concert experiencers are the 8th grade ‘Art Testers’ between 22nd Nov. and 1st Dec. Turku Philharmonic Orchestra is one of the nationwide Art Tester targets and in November Fantastique! –concert will be experienced by 5600 pupils.   

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Taidetestaajat (Art Testers) is a project funded by The Finnish Cultural Foundation and The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland. For three years the project provides all 8th graders two visits in different art institutes. The Art Testers project of The Finnish Cultural Foundation is aiming to get the Finnish youth to experience art, also that kind of art that otherwise would not be accessible for all of them.

Turku Philharmonic Orchestra is part of project Art Testers. During weeks 47 and 48 the Concert Hall will have about 5600 8th grader visitors. These young culture critics are going to art test TPO’s concert Fantastique! The visit “An Episode in the Life of an Artist” includes Hector Berlioz’s Symphonie fantastique as well as pre and after concert assignments.

Important co-operative partner for the orchestra in Art Testers project is Turun AMK:n Taideakatemia (Art Academy of Turku University of Applied Sciences). The students of Arts Academy will be producing the before- and after assignments. They have also created interesting program along Concert Hall’s lobby area for the days of each visit.

The piece performed in the concert, Symphonie fantastique, represents the artist passion, suffer and dives into deep extents of art. Turku Philharmonic Orchestra is conducted by Alberto Hold-Garrido and the symphony will be performed with dance and light art. Sharing the stage with orchestra there is dance theater ERI, lights are design by Timo Ollila and Jussi Virkkumaa will be doing video projecting.

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Turku Philharmonic Orchestra´s spring season is published on! The season will be full of talented piano soloists, concert programmes that orchestra´s own musicians have planned, a wonderful May Day concert full of love with Johanna Försti and Vesa-Matti Loiri´s Path of the Poet -concert that was already published in October. For children the orchestra offers delightful Mimmit-concert in March and two concerts of the popular Children´s Music Salon in April.


King of the basses


Maestro Leif Segerstam and Matti Salminen, king of the basses, open the season on Thursday 11th and Friday 12th of January. In the opening concert we will hear Ludwig van Beethoven´s Egmont, Max Reger´s tone poem die Toteninsel and Modest Musorgski´s Songs of dances and death. Powerful and dramatic Egmont is based on Johann Wolfgang von Goethe´s play of the same name. This popular suite of music for the stage accompanies the tale of the heroic life of Count Egmont in the 16th century. Matti Salminen is one of the most remarkable bass singers of our time. The previous time Matti Salminen performed in the Turku Concert Hall was August 2017 in Turku Music Festival´s Parsifal concerts.  


Piano´s spring!


In the spring we will hear six piano soloists in six concerts. On Friday 2nd of March Paavali Jumppanen will interpret Johannes Brahms´ titanic Piano Concerto in a concert, where we will also hear a premiere performance of Chief Conductor Leif Segerstam´s Symphony no 311. Jumppanen also performs in a chamber music concert Tour de force on Saturday 3rd of March. Víkingur Ólafsson, a pianist dubbed the “Glenn Gould of Iceland” by the New York Times, performs on Thursday 8th of March a piece called Processions by Icelandic composer and conductor Daníel Bjarnason. Pianist Eldar Nebolsin performs together with the orchestra´s Principal Guest Conductor Julian Rachlin and interprets Ludwig van Beethoven´s Piano Concerto no 4 on Thursday 15th and Friday 16th of March. A Norwegian pianist Håvard Gimse takes a hold of Edvard Grieg´s Piano Concerto on Friday the 6th of April. The piece is full of wild power and passionate beauty. Olli Mustonen takes the stage in his brilliant fashion, doubling as both conductor and soloist and performs Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart´s Piano Concerto no 26 on 19th and 20th of April. Brilliant Martina Filjak plays a Piano Concerto by Maurice Ravel on Friday the 18th of May in Mikko Heiniö’s 70th-birthday concert.


Principal Guest Conductor Julian Rachlin´s concerts full of gems of classical music


Julian Rachlin conducts the Philharmonics twice during the spring season. On 15th and 16th of March we will hear the wonderful gems of Viennese Classical and on 12th and 13th of April we will see Rachlin take a double role as a conductor and violinist. In the April´s concert Rachlin interprets Pjotr Tchaikovsky´s bubbling Violin Concerto.


Julian Rachlin´s two year contract as the Principal Guest Conductor of the Turku Philharmonic Orchestra began in autumn 2017.  Before the appointment Rachlin had performed three times with the Philharmonics. All of Rachlin´s concerts in Turku have been highly successful in Turku and sold out nearly without an exception.


Young power


Cellist compete in February and Young Soloists in May – most talented young cellists and future star soloists will take the stage with the Turku Philharmonic Orchestra in the spring. Popular Klaus Mäkelä conducts the Finals of the Turku Cello Competition in 22nd and 23rd of February and József Hárs will conduct the Young Soloists Concert in May 9th in the Sigyn Hall.


Concert programmes planned by the musicians


In the concert Music in the Cathedral 8th of February we will hear a concert programme entirely planned by the musicians of the Turku Philharmonic Orchestra. Violinists Maija Kontunen, Ilana Gothóni, Marjaana Holva, Susanna Suorttanen and Juha Viljanen and cellist Roi Ruottinen perform in the concert. The concert consists of the finest String Concertos of Antonio Vivaldi and Georg Friedrich Händel. Appropriately for an Olympic year, the programme opens with the brisk overture to Vivaldi’s opera L’Olimpiade. The orchestra´s musicians also perform programmes that they have planned themselves in the Chamber Music Concerts: Tour de force 3rd of March, 360° 8th of April and Requiem for Fanny 6th of May.


“The year 2018 will mark 340 years from the birth of Vivaldi. In addition to that 2018 is an Olympic year, so L´Olimpiade suits well to the theme. Vivaldi has a lot of fine works and also more unknown concertos that are not played that often. It is also great, when orchestra´s talented musicians have a change to perform as soloists”, comments Maija Kontunen, main programme planner of the Music in the Cathedral concert.


Ticket Sales


The whole programme of the spring season is published in You can take a copy of the printed season brochure for example from the Concert Hall and the sales points of Lippupiste. Tickets for spring season will be released on Friday November 17th 2017. Season tickets will be on sale 14.11.2017–12.1.2018.  


You can buy tickets to the concerts from the sales points of Lippupiste or from the web shop In Turku you can buy your tickets from Ars Musica, Turku Concert Hall that is open from Mon to Fri from 11 am to 5 pm. We also have sales at the door one hour before the events, if there are remaining tickets. Turku Concert Hall, Aninkaistenkatu 9, 20100 Turku.

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Turku Philharmonic Orchestra celebrates Philharmony´s Day on Friday 13th of November. Free tickets for Independence Day's concert will be delivered both 12.00–13.00 and 16–16.30 o'clock at the Concert Hall. You're welcome to explore Christmas present ideas and the Spring's 2018 brochure. Glogg service.

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Turku Philharmonic Orchestra´s principal flutist Niamh McKenna shines as a soloist on Thursday 16th of November. Chief Conductor Leif Segerstam conducts the orchestra. We will hear Jean Sibelius´ Pohjola´s Daughter, Aram Khachaturian´s Flute Concerto and Einojuhani Rautavaara´s symphony nro 8. The concert is sold out.


Niamh McKenna interprets Khachaturian´s Flute Concerto. McKenna comments the piece: “In my opinion the Khatchaturian concerto is a very passionate, colourful piece. It is rooted in the Armenian folk music, very rhythmical and expressive.”  The piece is a virtuoso adaptation of the composer´s Violin Concerto. “I have always loved this piece, and I think this is the greatest flute concerto in our somewhat limited repertoire”, McKenna tells.


McKenna looks forward to playing the piece with the orchestra: “Working on this piece has been like training for a marathon in many ways! It's around 40 minutes long and you need incredible stamina and virtuosic abilities.”

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Vuoden 2017 suurhanke Change tulee päätökseen ja on aika pohtia, mitä muutosta olemme saaneet aikaan.

Mihin sarjan tapahtumiin Sinä osallistuit? Mikä kokonaisuuksista puhutteli eniten? Nyt on Sinun vuorosi puhua.

Vastaa oheiseen lomakkeeseen ja kerro meille, mitä mieltä olet. Voiko musiikilla muuttaa maailmaa?

Vastausaikaa on pe 10.11. klo 15 asti. Kaikkien osallistujien ja yhteystietonsa jättäneiden kesken arvotaan kaksi kahden lipun lippupakettia Fantastique!-konserttiin pe 1.12. klo 19


Tässä vielä kootusti Change-sarjan tapahtumat:

Musiikki rauhantyön välineenä | Tammikuu
Luento ”Kaikki ihmiset tulevat veljiksi keskenään”: Beethovenin 9. sinfonia ja musiikin muutosvoima
Konsertti Freude!, jossa esitettiin Beethovenin Sinfonia nro 9. ”Oodi ilolle”
After Concert -keskustelutilaisuus

Ilmaisunvapaus | Huhtikuu
Luento Ikuinen vai katoava kaupunki? Pietari/Leningrad venäläisessä ja suomalaisessa kirjallisuudessa
Konsertti Leningrad, jossa esitettiin Šostakovitšin Sinfonia nro 7 ”Leningrad”
After Concert -keskustelutilaisuus

Moniarvoisuus ja uudistuminen | Toukokuu
Luento Taide, tiede, eläimet ja ympäristö: Miten kuunnella luontoa?
Konsertti Keväthuuto, jossa esitettiin Coplandin Appalakkien kevät, Stravinskyn Keväturhi sekä Arutiunianin Trumpettikonsertto
After Concert -keskustelutilaisuus

Pyhyys ja ihminen | Elokuu
Luento Selig im Glauben! – Pyhä ja pyhittyminen Wagnerin Parsifalissa
Konsertti Parsifal, jossa esitettiin Wagnerin Parsifalin konserttiversio osana Turun musiikkijuhlia

Satyagraha | Syyskuu
Luento Trauma, muisti ja taide – kohtaamisen tiloja
Konsertti Surullinen laulu, jossa esitettiin Góreckin Sinfonia nro 3 op. 36 ”Surulllisten laulujen sinfonia”
After Concert -keskustelutilaisuus

Parempi maailma | Loka-marraskuu
Luento Reformaatio 500 vuotta: Mitä Turussa ja Suomessa tuolloin tapahtui ja entä nyt?
Juhlakonsertti: Reformaatio, jossa kantaesitettiin Isomäen Vuorisaarna-oratorio

3.11.2017 09.01

Chamber music series continues with Masquerade concert November 12th at 2 and 4 pm in the Donner Institute. Musicians of the Turku Philharmonic Orchestra will perform pieces from Thomas Rajna, Gabriel Fauré and André Caplet.


Masquerade in the Donner Institute (Piispankatu 13) Sun 12.11. at 2 and 4 pm.  Marjaana Holva and Jonni Hämäläinen, violin, Jasmine Beams, viola, Katja Kolehmainen, cello, Päivi Severeide, harp, Reino Kotaviita, reciter. Rajna – Fauré – Poe – Caplet. Tickets 23,50/18,50/9,50€.

3.11.2017 08.52

On Thursday 9th and Friday 10th Julian Rachlin, our principal guest conductor, will give a concert La dolce vita. We will hear the talented Sarah McElravy as soloist.


La dolce vita in Turku Concert Hall Thu 9 and Fri 10.11. at 7 pm. Web concert Thu 9.11. Julian Rachlin, conductor, Sarah McElravy, viola, Turku Philharmonic Orchestra. Beethoven – Mozart – Mendelssohn. Tickets 23,50/18,50/9,50€.

30.10.2017 09.50

To mark the Jubilee Year celebrating 500 years since the Reformation, the Turku Philharmonic commissioned Pauliina Isomäki to write a festive oratorio. Its world premiere at Turku Cathedral is one of the most significant world premieres of the year. “The Sermon on the Mount laid the foundation for a new conception of morality, our relationship to God and to one another. How did we respond to it in centuries past, and how do we respond to it now? The environment is changing, but people are pretty much the same as they were 2,000 years ago,” says Isomäki, explaining the genesis of the work.

Festive concert: Reformation! Turku cathedral thu 2. and fri 3.11. at 7 pm. Web concert thu 2.11. Ruut Kiiski, conductor, Kaisa Ranta, soprano Jaakko Kortekangas, baritone, Chorus Cathedralis Aboensis, Turku Philharmonic Orchestra. Isomäki. Tickets 23,50/18,50/9,50€.

23.10.2017 11.41

Works by Viennese composers and Esa-Pekka Salonen’s piano concerto will be heard at the Turku Concert Hall Thu. 26th and Fri. 27th October at 7pm. Christian Kluxen, known by top orchestras around the world as the ‘Mighty Viking’, returns to conduct the Turku Philharmonic in a concert whose soloist is Juho Pohjonen, a pianist whose international career is on the ascendant. Tasty Tones series is also back with some Bavarian-Viennese delicacies introduced by music scholar Susanna Välimäki before the concert on Thu. at 5.30pm. Head Start begins at 6pm at the Concert Hall’s Café where concert’s program will be discussed and performers interviewed.


The concert begins with Anton Webern’s Passacaglia, which was at the crossroads of Webern’s career, carrying already traces of expressionism. Pohjonen performs Esa-Pekka Salonen’s prolific Piano Concerto, whose world premiere in New York in 2007 was a huge success. Strauss’s celebrated tone poem Tod und Verklärung paints a lovely image of the moment of death. Strauss is said to have remarked immediately before his death that dying felt exactly like he described it in this piece.


In Eternity at the Turku Concert Hall Thu. 26th and Fri. 27th  Oct. at 7 pm. Tasty Tones series Thu. 26th Oct. at 5.30pm. Head Start at 6pm. Christian Kluxen, conductor, Juho Pohjonen, piano, Turku Philharmonic Orchestra. Webern – Salonen - Strauss. Tickets 23,50/18,50/9,50€.