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19.9.2019 18.25

Elim Chan talks with Laura about the concerts´music and this week´s rehearsals.

How are you and how was the last rehearsal before the concert today?

Very good. It´s my first time to work in Finland and I’ve always heard that Finnish musicians are good, they have a good tradition and education. So, I’ve been looking forward to experience this by myself. The orchestra is so open and kind, also very serious to really make it good. It´s been very good few days. They remember what we worked on and sometimes I am also like surprised by their own musicality. Of course, I also leave certain things, because I also have to safe some energy and surprises for tonight

Could you tell a bit about the music pieces of this evening?

The opening piece by Rimski-Korsakov is just so magical and sets the atmosphere right from the beginning. You have this wild nature with the birds in the background and with the wintry feeling and the colors

The second piece, the concerto, is one of the most beautiful concertos. Especially the second movement.

And after the break is the Tchaikovsky 2nd symphony. Which is also interesting, because when an orchestra asks for a symphony by Tchaikovsky, you always go from no. 4 or no. 5 – sometimes no. 6. You never really do the early symphonies of Tchaikovsky; I am so glad we can do the no. 2. Tchaikovsky wrote it when he actually was happy, and this was quite rare. We can feel it in this symphony, it´s very lighthearted, very charming, some folk elements in the piece. So, in some ways it´s a sunny, positive and quite loving piece. Of course, we hear some darkness in it, but it´s all controlled.

Since the composers are all from the eastern countries of Europe: Is there like an “eastern identity” within the pieces?

Sure. They´re sort of talking to each other, they´re sort of the same universe. I wouldn`t say they are from the same planet, but you can definitely tell from the elements of the folk and the way it´s written, that they have the same background.

So, there was a soloist change this week: How was that for you?

Of course, many people are sad – I am also sad – that we have to miss Yulianna, who is unfortunately sick. However, I still think that we have a nice replacement with Lukáš. We worked together a couple times and it´s good, because when we were stressed out like “who is the soloist now?” – I was like “okay good, I have someone that I know”. We have never done the Chopin before, so it´s very nice to do something very intimate and sensitive. And he also has a very beautiful vision of the piece. So, I think people tonight are in for a treat to get to know Lukáš and he has a lot to offer.

Elim, thank you very much for your time and answers. Enjoy the concert!

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Christian Vásquez
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17.9.2019 13.33

Pianisti Yulianna Avdeeva on sairastunut ja joutunut peruuttamaan esiintymisensä Turun filharmonisen orkesterin konserteissa 19.–20.9.2019. Avdeevan tilalla nähdään kansainvälisen Queen Elizabeth -pianokilpailun vuonna 2016 voittanut tšekkiläispianisti Lukáš Vondráček. Ohjelmistoon ei tule muutoksia: Vondráček tulkitsee konserteissa Frédéric Chopinin toisen pianokonserton. Konserttien kapellimestari Elim Chan ja Lukáš Vondráček ovat työskennelleet aiemminkin yhdessä.

Lukáš Vondráček on voittanut useita kansainvälisiä pianokilpailuja. Queen Elizabeth –pianokilpailun lisäksi hän on tullut ensimmäiselle sijalle Hilton Headin ja San Marinon kansainvälisissä pianokilpailuissa sekä Unisan kansainvälisessä pianokilpailussa Etelä-Afrikan Pretoriassa. Lisäksi hän on saanut Raymond E. Buck Jury Discretionary Awardin vuoden 2009 kansainvälisessä Val Cliburn pianokilpailussa. Hänen uransa viimeaikaisiin kohokohtiin kuuluvat muun muassa konsertit Tokion Metropolitanin sinfoniaorkesterin kanssa Tokion Suntory Hallissa ja Alankomaiden filharmonisen orkesterin kanssa Amsterdamin Concertgebouwssa. Suomessa hän on esiintynyt kansainvälisellä PianoEspoo-festivaalilla.

Slaavilaisia satuja
Turun konserttitalossa to ja pe 19.–20.9.2019 klo 19.
Elim Chan, kapellimestari
, Lukáš Vondráček, piano, Turun filharmoninen orkesteri.
Rimski-Korsakov – Chopin – Tšaikovski.
Liput Konserttitalon Ars Musicasta tai Lippupisteen toimipisteistä ja verkkokaupasta.

16.9.2019 14.32

Open Orchestra is for the first time in Finland. The Turku Philharmonic Orchestra’s autumn season major project gives audience an opportunity to explore the power of a symphony orchestra in a new way and see musicians working very closely. This isn’t a traditional concert: audience will get to adventure among the orchestra. According to producer Heidi Pulkkinen it is going to be an interesting experience: “The orchestra is decentralized in the Concert Hall like a musical labyrinth. Walking through it one may feel many stories and highlights of the orchestra music.”

Conductor Jukka Untamala is enthusiastic about the project: “Because this is a very unusual concert situation, I wait it very enthusiastically. This initial setting creates challenges to the performers, but we take them eagerly. Normally symphony orchestras can’t be seen this close, so the contact between performers and audience will be something new. It is definitely experience to both the musicians and the listeners.”

Be impressed and feel the power of the orchestra

Open Orchestra’s original idea comes from Copenhagen Philharmonics. This kind of special concert creates an opportunity to observe very accurately, how the playing sounds near by the different instrument sections. Untalama says that one may sink into the music from a different ankle: “The freedom, that situation creates to the audience, is very interesting. Some might take advantage of the situation and find the most pleasant spot of sounds and stop to listen – whether it is in the middle of trombone section, near by the harp, or right in front of the conductor!”

Untalama recommends audience to profit the exquisite occasion: “I encourage you to enjoy the moment and sense, what the music feels like. It is like getting into the middle of a giant mixing table: you can try different balances and emphasis.” Producer Heidi Pulkkinen also encourages everyone to delight in the situation: “Come with open and curious minds and enjoy the adventure in the middle of the orchestra!”

Open Orchestra

Turku Concert Hall Fri 8.11., Thu 14.11., and Fri 15.11. at 19.00.
Tickets from Concert Hall´s Ars Musica (Mon to Fri 12-17) and online webshop.
A journey to the core of music can begin – welcome to dive in!

13.9.2019 13.14

19th and 20th of September at 7 pm in the Concert Hall.
Tickets from Concert Hall´s Ars Musica (open Mon to Fri 12-17) or here.

Elim Chan, conductor
Yulianna Avdeeva, piano

Nikolai Rimski-Korsakov: The Snow Maiden Suite
Frédéric Chopin: Piano Concerto no. 2 in F minor op. 21
Peter Tchaikovsky: Symphony no. 2 in C minor op. 17 ‘Little Russian’

Elim Chan is one of the most interesting rising conductors on the music scene today. In 2014, she became the first woman to win the distinguished Donatella Flick Conducting Competition. Yulianna Avdeeva, winner of the Chopin Piano Competition in 2010, performs Chopin’s Piano Concerto no. 2, an emotional and compellingly me-lodic work with the soloist firmly in the leading role throughout. The Snow Maiden is a character in Russian fairy tales. Tchaikovsky’s Second Symphony, sub-titled ‘Little Russian’, has been an audience favourite ever since its premiere.


11.9.2019 17.02

Our intern Laura met Darren Acosta with his trombone at the Concert Hall and had a small chat about the moving (in many ways) solo piece of the concert on Thursday 12.9. and why he chose classical music instead of jazz.

1. How was the rehearsal?

It is an immense joy. To play this music is a huge privilege and I´m having possibly the best time of my life. To do a trombone concerto is very rare and could be the highlight in one’s career.  But way beyond that is a brand-new piece that this genius composer Jukka Tiensuu wrote which gives the player the chance to be more artistic.

2. Can you tell us a little bit about the soloist piece you are playing, Jukka Tiensuu´s “Suuna”?

The parts of the piece are ready, steady, go. Just like running a marathon: You get ready and then the official says “steady” and then you are waiting for the go. And when you go, it´s all out. It´s a 25 minute concerto – and traditionally, long trombone concertos don´t exceed 15 minutes – so that´s a good challenge of duration. And also for the listener, who is not a custom to listening to trombone as a soloist and a more contemporary harmonic language either.

3. We heard about a choreography in that piece as well. Can you tell a bit more about that?

Maestro Tiensuu uses very charming details. In this work he uses some motions as the players play, kind of an angular redirection. It´s interesting visually and it´s also kind of a stereo effect. There´s another moment where I actually say something through the instrument to the orchestra.

4. It´s kind of a cliché but: you grew up in New Orleans. So why classical music and not jazz?

Well, I love jazz. It´s in my family because my middle brother is a jazz guitarist and my oldest brother is a jazz drummer. Maybe since I am the youngest of the three, I said: “I wanna do this”. What caught me was an album called Hooked On Classics when I was 10 years old. I would listen to this every day and I knew: “This is what I wanna do”.

Thank you very much Darren for your time and answers. All the best for the concert!

10.9.2019 11.12

Radion sinfoniaorkesterin soolopasunisti Darren Acosta nähdään Turun filharmonisen orkesterin solistina torstaina 12.9.2019 klo 19 Konserttitalossa. Acosta esittää turkulaisyleisölle Jukka Tiensuun pasuunakonserton, jonka hän kantaesitti menestyksekkäästi RSO:n kanssa vuoden 2019 alussa. Konsertin johtaa Janne Nisonen.

Torstai-illan sinfoniakonsertin aloittaa romantiikan mestari Felix Mendelssohnin kepeän kaunis alkusoitto näytelmästä Kesäyön unelma. Lisänimen ”Suuna” saanut kolmiosainen pasuunakonsertto jatkaa iltaa. Jukka Tiensuu on yksi arvostetuimmista suomalaisista säveltäjistä. Skotlannin maisemista ja tunnelmasta inspiraationsa saanut niin ikään Mendelssohnin 3. sinfonia päättää illan.

Janne Nisonen on yksi Suomen monipuolisimmista muusikoista. Hänet voi nähdä lavalla niin kapellimestarina, konserttimestarina, liidaajana, viulusolistina kuin kamarimuusikkonakin. Janne Nisonen on johtanut muun muassa Radion Sinfoniaorkesteria, Helsingin Kaupunginorkesteria, Deutsche Kammerphilharmonieta, Avanti!:a ja Keski-Pohjanmaan Kamariorkesteria. Syksyllä 2016 hänet nimitettiin Pori Sinfoniettan ylikapellimestariksi.

Darren Acosta muutti Suomeen vuonna 2009 voitettuaan Suomen Kansallisoopperan pasuunan varaäänenjohtajan koesoiton. Vuonna 2011 hän voitti Radion sinfoniaorkesterin soolopasuunan koesoiton, ja sitä tehtävää hän hoitaa nykyään Musiikkitalossa. Hän on esiintynyt solistina muun muassa Tapiola Sinfoniettan ja Radion sinfoniaorkesterin kanssa. Ennen muuttamistaan Suomeen Acosta soitti pasuunan äänejohtajana Rhode Island Philharmonicissa.

Konserttitalossa torstaina 12.9.2019 klo 19. Janne Nisonen, kapellimestari, Darren Acosta, pasuuna, Turun filharmoninen orkesteri. Mendelssohn – Tiensuu – Mendelssohn. Liput 26,50 | 21,50 | 9,50 €.

10.9.2019 10.59

Syksyn kamarimusiikkisarjassa on luvassa jälleen Turun filharmonisen orkesterin muusikoiden suunnittelemia, upeita ohjelmistoja.

Claran kunniaksi

Su 20.10. klo 15, Villa Marjaniemi
200-vuotisjuhlavuottaan viettävä Clara Schumann on yksi tunnetuimmista klassisen musiikin naissäveltäjistä ja pianisteista. Konsertissa kuullaan Schumannin g-molli-pianotrio sekä Zdeněk Fibichin lämminhenkinen D-duuri-kvintetto.
Osta liput

Aurajoelta Vltavalle

Su 17.11. klo 14, Sibeliusmuseo
Tšekkiläisen taidemusiikin kuuluisimmat nimet johdattelevat kuulijan slaavilaisen musiikin aalloille. Bedřich Smetanan jousikvartetto kuvaa säveltäjän suhdetta taiteeseen, rakkautta, ystävyyttä ja lopulta kuuroutumista. Antonin Dvořákin jousikvintetto tarjoaa värikkään ja energisen tuulahduksen suoraan Böömistä.
Osta liput

Kirkastettu yö

Su 1.12. klo 15, Turun linna
Konsertissa kuullaan 1800–1900-lukujen vaihteen musiikkia Albert Rousselilta, Arthur Honeggerilta ja Arnold Schönbergiltä. Konsertin kruunaa Schönbergin esitetyimpiin teoksiin kuuluva Verklärte Nacht, kirkastettu yö. Tunnelmallinen teos on saanut inspiraationsa Richard Dehmelin samannimisestä runosta, jossa yöllinen kävely muuttuu ihmissuhdedraamaksi.
Osta liput

5.9.2019 10.42

Laura from Germany and intern at the TPO met Christian Vásquez just right after rehearsing with the orchestra on Wednesday. The conductor of the opening concert had a short talk with her about the Nordic people, the concert and the moment he realized that music should play a big role in his life.


1. How are you doing? How was your day so far?

I am so happy to be here again after almost two years now. This orchestra is so special for me, since they were the first ones who invited me as a conductor, outside of Venezuela. They are very exceptional guys, not just the musical ability but also their characters and big hearts.


2. Talking already about the Finnish people: What do you like about the people in the North?

My relationship with the Nordic countries is very special. The people are so warm, friendly and relaxed. Of course, at the beginning they are not like that. But when you start your relationship and they know you better, everything starts to change, and they open up.


Christian Vasquez harjoituksissa

Rehearsals at the Concert Hall.

3. Coming to the concert and music: Can you tell us a bit more?

It is a very special opening concert. We play – I think– the most famous symphony, Mahler´s no. 5. And especially the Adagietto, which Mahler wrote for his wife Alma, is very emotional. All in all it´s a challenge because it´s a long symphony and not easy to play. Everybody has to be well prepared, but we rehearsed very hard the last three days and I am 100 percent sure that the orchestra will play so well.

We also play Tchaikovsky´s Variations on a Rococo with Andrei Ioniță, the soloist, and he is amazing. It´s not an easy piece for the soloist, since every variation is more complicated than the last one. But he plays it so wel

Of course, we open the concert with Mascagni´s Intermezzo from the opera Cavalleria Rusticana, it´s very short but so touching. It´s such a beautiful program, the audience can be excited. And maybe they will cry out of happiness, let´s see what happens.


4. As last, but personal, question: When did you realize, that music is such a big part in your life? Is there a specific moment or person?

I think it was in 1998, I was 13 or 14 years old, when I started in the National Children´s Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela. The teachers from the orchestra were going to all the cities in Venezuela and look for the most talented children. I grew up in a small city called San Sebastián de los Reyes and in that time, I was the only child from that city – besides 200 other musicians – representing the orchestra. Then I met José Antonio Abreu, he was my conducting teacher. I saw the rehearsals with him, and I said to myself that I want to become a musician, I want this for my life.


Thank you Christian Vásquez for your time and answers. We wish you a wonderful concert and a good time with the Turku Philharmonic Orchestra.

2.9.2019 09.25

Christian Vasquez, conductor
Andrei Ioniță, cello

Pietro Mascagni: Intermezzo from the opera Cavalleria rusticana
Pyotr Tchaikovsky: Rococo Variations op. 33
Gustav Mahler: Symphony no. 5 in C sharp minor

Charismatic conductor Christian Vasquez makes an eagerly expected return to Turku. The lovely Intermezzo is one of Mascagni’s most famous works. Andrei Ioniță, winner of the International Tchaikovsky Competition in 2015, is rapidly creating a distinguished career across the major concert venues of Europe. Mahler’s Fifth Symphony is a colourful and memorable classic. Lasting more than one hour, it provides a weighty start to the autumn season.


Buy tickets: For the love of music


23.8.2019 10.37

Bite of a jazz fly has made Christmas music to swing!

Turku Philharmonic Orchestra interprets conductor Antti Rissanen´s arrangements of well-known Christmas hits on Thursday 5th of December at 7 pm in the Concert Hall.

In the concert we will hear among other songs Juki Välipakka’s jazzy interpretation of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer in Sinatra’s style.

Christmas classics, like White Christmas, Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas and Rockin´ around the Christmas Tree will be softly interpreted by Marianna Jakobsson.