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14.9.2018 13.01

On Friday 21st of September we will hear music from Antonín Dvořák, Dimitar Nenov and Béla Bartók.

The tone poem by Dvořák that lends its name to this concert is based on a ballad collection by Karel Jaromír Erben. In the story, the unceasing cooing of a dove plagues the conscience of a woman who has poisoned her husband. The Piano Concerto by Bulgarian composer Nenov is a rarely heard gem. Nenov was a polymath, himself a brilliant pianist who also founded the Bulgarian Radio Symphony Orchestra besides being a respected architect. The soloist, Ivo Varbanov, is also from Bulgaria, and he has recorded this Concerto. This eastern European evening ends with a well-known and favourite work by Bartók.

Chief Conductor Leif Segerstam conducts the concert.

The Wild Dove in the Turku Concert Hall on Friday 21st of September. Leif Segerstam, conductor, Ivo Varbanov, piano, Turku Philharmonic Orchestra. Tickets 25,50/20,50/9,50 €.

7.9.2018 11.18

Free Grand Concert in Kupittaa Ball Game Hall combines music and sports

Turku Philharmonic Orchestra combines music and sports on the eve of Turku Day on 15th of September at 5 pm. The concert at Kupittaa Ball Game Hall is a grand celebration for free time activities in Turku. Both sports fans and music lovers are invited. The event takes approximately an hour and the entrance is free. You don’t need upfront reservation, you can just arrive to the spot. There is room for 2500 people in the Ball Game Hall - which is twice as much as in the Turku Concert Hall. You can also watch concert online at

Symphony for The Ball Game Hall -concert consists of songs that are strongly linked to the sports. Themes famous for sport events, film music, pop- and rock music hits as well as classical music is performed in Kupittaa Ball Game Hall which won the Sports Place Award of the year 2018. Concert program have been compiled during the spring and summer 2018. “We had song ideas enough for two concerts, so we were forced to eliminate many hit songs. We wanted to include the program both classical sport themes and also something more popular” tells the producer of the concert, TPO’s project secretary Pekka Haapanen.

Queen’s We Will Rock You, the new orchestra arrangement of Darude’s Sandstorm and “Ode to Joy”, the final of the 9th symphony of Ludwig van Beethoven will be performed in the concert amongst others. When music is brought to home arena of sports, the concert will also be celebrated with the world premiere of a commissioned piece. Slam Dunk by Max Savikangas is inspired by basketball and is composed for symphony orchestra and two basketball players. A sport commentator hosted dunk competition is also a part of the work. During the songs different sports make their tour de force that are designed in co-operation with sports services. The list of the songs of the concert can be found at

The chief conductor and the artistic director of Vantaa Entertainment Orchestra Nick Davies, is a conductor of the evening and singer-actress Mia Renwall will host the evening. Kimmo Blom and Heikki Siukola perform as soloists of the concert. Blom is known for his brilliant Queen-musical role as Freddie Mercury in Palatsi Music Theater in Tampere. He is also a rock singer who has, for instance, toured with Raskasta Joulua -band. Tenor Siukola is known for his Wagner-opera roles. Turku YMCA’s basketball players Eero Lehtonen and Mikael Aalto perform in Slam Dunk. In addition, Turku Conservatoire Chamber Choir and Chorus Iucundus perform in the concert. Timo Lehtovaara is the trainer of the choirs.

The doors open at 3.30 pm. Before the concert the audience will have the opportunity to explore the sports activities of sports clubs presented by different clubs of the Turku region. The hobby and learning opportunities of music are presented by the Turku Conservatoire. The students of the Conservatoire also perform before the concert. The concert is arranged in co-operation with Turku sports services and Turku Technology Properties. Bright Group Oy and Grassmark Oy are responsible for the technical production.

Symphony for the Ball Game Hall
Saturday 15th of September at 5pm in Kupittaa Ball Game Hall, Lemminkäisenkatu 32a, 20520 Turku.

Nick Davies, conductor, Mia Renwall, host, Kimmo Blom, singing, Heikki Siukola, tenor, Turku YMCA’s basketball players Eero Lehtonen and Mikael Aalto, Turku Conservatoire Chamber Choir, Chorus Iucundus, Timo Ollila, lighting design, Turku Philharmonic Orchestra. Free entrance, doors open at 3.30 pm.


3.9.2018 12.07

Heavenly Life -concert opens TPO’s autumn season on Thursday 6th and Friday 7th of September at 7pm. at The Concert Hall. Double bassist Mikko Multamäki and soprano Essi Luttinen perform as soloists. Cantus in Memoriam Benjamin Britten, which is one of the most popular works of Arvo Pärt, opens the evening. Mikko Multamäki interprets Concerto for Double Bass by Eduard Tubinin and after intermission the concerts ends with Symphony No. 4 by Gustav Mahler. In the last part of the symphony Essi Luttinen interprets the song Das himmlische Leben, heavenly life, which has inspired thematically the whole work.

On both concert evenings, a Head Start, free event for concert audience, will be arranged at 6pm. In the occasion the artists of the evening are being interviewed. Thursday’s (6.9.) concert is livestreamed at It is possible to comment the concert in social media with #leiflive. During the evenings Vino-Gallery piece of the autumn season, Wall-X, will be launched. The artist Niina Villanueva’s, who studies at Turku Arts Academy, work is discussing about mobility and the freedom to experience cultures.

Mikko Multamäki has worked Turku Philharmonic Orchestra’s sound leader of double basses since 2000. Multamäki performs actively as a chamber musician and with his own solo recitals. In addition, he has performed with Lohja City Orchestra and Turku Philharmonic Orchestra, and played as a soloist in Salo and Kirkkonummi Orchestras amongst others.

Soprano Essi Luttinen completed her diploma with outstanding honors in 2005 at the Sibelius-Academy. Luttinen has performed as a soloist for the great number of Finnish orchestras and visited in Belgium, Great-Britain, Japan and Germany, in addition to numerous festivals in Finland.

Heavenly Life at The Turku Concert Hall Thu 6th and Fri 7th of September 2018 at 7 pm. “A head start” Thu 6th and Fri 7th at 6pm. Online concert Thu 6th at 7 pm at Leif Segerstam, conductor, Mikko Multamäki, double bass, Essi Luttinen, soprano, Turku Philharmonic Orchestra. Pärt – Tubin – Mahler. Tickets: 25,50/20,50/9,50 €.

3.9.2018 11.59

Maestro’s era ends with performances of the opera Salome in May 2019


Concert season 2018–2019 will be Leif Segerstam’s last as a chief conductor of the Turku Philharmonic Orchestra. The season will start with Heavenly Life -concerts on 6th and 7th of September. Richard Strauss’ Salome-opera will be performed as a conclusion of Segerstam’s artistic period.

Maestro will turn 75 on 2nd of March in 2019. His period as a chief conductor of Turku Philharmonic Orchestra started in 2012 and will end in May 2019. During his period as a chief conductor Segerstam has contributed remarkably to the artistic level and image of the orchestra. With TPO Segerstam has recorded Sibelius’ most rare works and all Brahms’ four symphonies amongst others. In addition, during this period exhaustive recording series Beethoven Complete will be completed.

Due to its daring subject and tone language, Richard Strauss’ Salome had a strong reception by the time it was released. The work is strong, dramatic and passionate. The most well-known scene of the opera is “Dance of the Seven Veils”, in which Salome is dancing for Herodes. As a service in return Salome wants Jochanaan’s head, for which she’s madly and fiercely in love. The opera culminates in the scene where Herodes has had Jochanaan executed and the head is brought to Salome.

Turku Philharmonic Orchestra will perform opera’s concert version on Thursday 16th and Friday 17th on May in 2019 at 7pm at The Concert Hall. The ticket sale will start on Monday 24th of September 2018. For the first time, the role of Salome is played by soprano Anu Komsi. In the other main roles we will see Finnish top singers, such as Tommi Hakala in the role of Jochanaan.

“I debuted my previous big Strauss-role, role as Zerbinetta, also in Turku, at Turku Music Festival with conductor Leif Segerstam in 1994. Now I’m so excited that I will finally get on stage as Salome, with one of the best Richard Strauss -conductors, Leif Segerstam” tells Anu Komsi.

”Welcome - this is a candy opera! Everyone likes this. Strauss was very good at describing women’s psychology and subconscious in his music”, tells Leif Segerstam and continues: ”Salome was my first opera in Savonlinna in 1970 – it was a pleasant task and the audience liked the interpretation of a young star. I have performed Salome in The Vienna State Opera, Zürich, Cologne, Salzburg Festival and The Royal Swedish Opera. In addition, 2019 is a Strauss year – it marks the 70th anniversary of the composer´s death.

Leif Segerstam is one of the most versatile composers in Scandinavia – a conductor, a composer, a violinist and a pianist. World-famous Leif Segerstam is officiated as a conductor and a chief conductor in numerous well-known opera houses and symphony orchestras, such as in The Royal Swedish Opera, The Deutsche Oper Berlin, The Vienna State Opera and Austria’s and Denmark’s Radio Symphony Orchestras. He has made the executive visits for The Metropolitan Orchestra, Orchestra of the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden and La Scala amongst others. Segerstam’s outstanding list of compositions includes, for instance, 310 symphonies. His impressive and splendid career has received recognition with numerous awards. In 2014 the President of the Republic of Finland granted Segerstam a title of a professor.

Anu Komsi is one of Finland’s most international colorature sopranos, who has carved a name in world’s biggest opera houses and significant concert stages. During her opera career Komsi has sung on Europe’s and America’s well-known opera stages and festivals, such as La Scala in Milan, The Opéra Bastille in Paris and Salzburg Festival. In addition, Komsi is an artistic director of Kokkola Opera. For Komsi, this is the first role as Salome.

Salome in Turku Concert Hall, Thu 16th and Fri 17thof May 2019 at 7pm. Leif Segerstam, conductor, Anu Komsi, Salome, Tommi Hakala, Jochanaan, Turku Philharmonic Orchestra. Ticket sale opens 24th of September 2018.

20.8.2018 10.38

On the Movie Day Saturday 8th of September Turku Philharmonic Orchestra presents the classical horror movie The Exorcist directed by William Friedkin. The movie is a story about a possessed teenage girl whose mother turns to the church when seeking help to her daughter.

The Exorcist -film performance is also an introduction to The Horror -concerts which take place at the Turku Concert Hall on 4th and 5th of October. In these concerts the Turku Philharmonic Orchestra plays music from classical horror movies, such as The Exorcist, Carrie and The Omen.

On The Movie Day you can buy tickets for The Horror -concert with the discount of 2 euros!
Price 21 / 16 / 7 € (Norm. 23 / 18 / 9 €).

Duration: approx. 2h. The doors open at 3 pm. and the movie begins at 4 pm. The Concert Hall café is open for the audience before the show.
K16. Free entrance.

16.8.2018 15.38

Chief Conductor Leif Segerstam conducts three concerts in autumn:

A hefty opening concert - massive Mahler, atmospheric Pärt och Tubin´s impressive double bass concerto.
Heavenly life Thu 6.9. - BUY TICKETS
Heavenly life Fri 7.9. - BUY TICKETS

Drama - Dvořák´ tone poem The Wild Dove, Nenov´s rarely performed piano concerto and lovable Bartók.
The Wild Dove Fri 21.9. - BUY TICKETS

The whole night with Beethoven´s vocal works!
Beethoven Special! Thu 11.10 - BUY TICKETS

Leif Segerstam is one of world´s most famous composers. Make sure on time that you get a ticket to maestro´s concerts!






13.8.2018 11.52

Soprano Reetta Haavisto and bass Nicholas Söderlund perform as soloists in a concert dedicated to Beethoven on Thursday 11th of October.

Soprano Reetta Haavisto has performed with many orchestras and in many opera roles. Haavisto is especially successful with lied-music. Lastly her talent was awarded in international Lions singing competition in Gut Immling -opera festival in Germany in 2015. Haasvisto has performed with TPO the last time in autumn 2017.

Bass Nicholas Söderlund has performed as a soloist with Finnish orchestras, in opera roles and soloist in oratorio and passion -music  and in Lied and church concerts all over Europa. Söderlund is awarded with Finnish Wagner-society´s Bayreuth-award and Martti Talvela -association´s acknowledgment price from year 2007 as well as Karita Mattila -award from year 2009. Söderlund is also an active performer of new finnish music. With TPO Söderlund has performed the last time in spring 2018.

Chief Conductor Leif Segerstam conducts the orchestra and we will see Chorus Cathedralis Aboensis as a choir.

Beethoven Special!
Thu 11.10. | 19.00 | Concert Hall

Make sure you buy your ticket in time - only few seats left!

6.8.2018 15.52

You shouldn´t talk in the middle of a concert – but feel to comment in social media! At our live concerts, certain seats include the opportunity to comment on the concert in real time on Twitter and other social media. Buy a Some Seat ticket and share your experiences in any social media platform as it happens!

Heavenly life Thu 6.9 at 7 pm
Leif Segerstam, conductor
Mikko Multamäki, double bass
Essi Luttinen, soprano
Pärt - Tubin - Mahle

6.8.2018 14.50

From 1.8.2018 onwards is Turku Cultural Shop Ars Musica open from Mon to Fri 12–17 and before events at the Concert Hall.

11.6.2018 10.26

Nappaa liput kampanjahintaan alkusyksyn konserttiin!

Kesätarjouksena liput Villikyyhky-konserttiin vain 20€.
Tarjouksen voi lunastaa Lippupisteen myyntipisteistä ja verkkokaupasta valitsemalla lippukategorian Kesätarjous. Tarjous on voimassa ajalla 12.6.–31.7.

Pe 21.9. | 19.00 | Konserttitalo
Leif Segerstam, kapellimestari
Ivo Varbanov, piano
Antonín Dvořák: The Wild Dove
Dimitar Nenov: Pianokonsertto
Béla Bartók: Konsertto orkesterille

Kesätarjous 20€, sisältää Lippupisteen palvelumaksun. (norm. Lippupisteen palvelumaksun kanssa 25,50€).

Ivo Varbanov on nostanut bulgarialaista musiikkia ja kulttuuria kansainväliseen tietoisuuteen. Pianonsoiton hän aloitti 6-vuotiaana. Varbanov on konsertoinut, antanut resitaaleja ja esittänyt kamarimusiikkia laajalti ympäri Eurooppaa sekä Yhdysvalloissa. 

Hän on tehnyt useita menestyneitä levytyksiä, ja muun muassa levyttänyt tässä konsertissa kuultavan Dimitar Nenovin pianokonserton Royal Scottish National Orchestran ja kapellimestari Emil Tabakovin kanssa Hyperion Records -levymerkille.