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20.1.2017 09.05

On Sunday 29th of January a chamber music group assembel from Turku Philharmonic orchestra's musicians performs a concert Interstellar the the Turku Cathedral. chambe music concert's theme is reformation and music. Programme includes pieces from composers Olivier Messiaen, Johann Sebastian Bach, Osmo Honkanen, Jean Langlais, Tomaso Antionia Vitali, Mikko Heiniö (premiére) and Naji Hakim. Performers are Ville Uponen, organ, Anu Honkanen, flute, Ilana Gothóni, violin and Tanja Nisonen, horn.

Interstellar at the Turku Cathedral Sun 29th Jan 18 o'clock. Chamber music concert. Messiaen – Bach – Honkanen – Langlais – Vitali – Heiniö (premiére) – Hakim. Tickets 23,50/18,50/9,50 €.

19.1.2017 12.50

On Friday 27th of January The new harp acquired for Turku Concert Hall is given its first outing in a diverse programme. This angelic instrument is the focus of Rautavaara’s dreamy Ballade, while in Mozart’s breezy Concerto it is paired with the flute. Schönberg’s classic Verklärte Nacht concludes the programme in ethereal bliss.

Heavenly-Concert is a perfect opportunity to go on a date! To add more atmosphere, there is also a chance to order refreshments before the concert of for the interval. Sparkling wine and strawberries for special price 12€. Order in advance:

Therefore, invite your spouse, a friend or even organize blind dates for your acquaintances. Throw yourself to be caressed by the angelic melodies!


13.1.2017 10.23

Conductor Daniel Blendulf has cancelled his performance due to illness. He will be replaced by German conductor Christian Schumann (b. 1983) who came to international attention when he won First Prize at the International Conducting Competition in Budapest. A truly modern and multi-faceted conductor, Christian Schumann is rapidly establishing a reputation not only as an opera and symphonic conductor but as a leading international force in the contemporary and film conducting world. 

Last Memory -concert on Thursday 19th of January 7pm. Cellist Tuomas Lehto masters as soloist. Programme of the concert includes Jukka Tiensuu’s tripartite piece False Memories, Camille Sain-Saëns’ Cello Concerto No 1 and Symphony D Minor by César Franck.

Last Memory at the Turku Concert Hall Thu 19 of Jan at 7pm. Christian Schumann, conductor, Tuomas Lehto, cello, Turku Philharmonic Orchestra. Tiensuu – Saint-Saëns – Franck. Tickets 23,50/18,50/9,50 €.

5.1.2017 15.47

Orchestra’s opening week includes 3 symphony concerts, 2 chamber music concerts, Change-lecture, After Concert -event, head starts and Vino-gallery’s vernissage.

Chief Conductor Leif Segerstam conducts Turku Philharmonic Orchestra at Freude! concerts that are heard on Wed 11th, Thu 12th and Fri 13th January at the Turku Concert Hall. Program has Ludwig van Beethoven’s 9th Symphony “Ode to Joy”, which is one of the most famous classical pieces. Soloists are soprano Jenni Lättilä, mezzosoprano Merja Mäkelä, tenor Tuomas Katajala and bass Niklas Spångberg. Chorus Cathedralis Aboensis is responsible for the choir parts.

Freude!-concerts also launch the orchestra’s “You must be the change you wish to see in the world” -series, Change2017. It considers pieces that have changed the world somehow in six different concerts preceded by open public lectures at the Turku City Library. First lecture, "All people become brothers": Beethoven´s 9th symphony and music as a force for change, is held at library’s Tietotori on Tue 10th at 5pm. Speakers are Susanna Välimäki and Emilie Gardberg.

After Wednesday’s Freude! concert there is a After Concert -event at the Concert Hall’s upper foyer. Before both Thursday’s and Friday’s concert there is a head start at 6pm at downstairs cafeteria.

Concert Hall’s VINO-gallery celebrates Otto-Ville Väätäinen’s “There where nothing is eternal” (Siellä missä mikään ei ole ikuista) exhibitions vernissage.

Spring’s chamber music series begins with two Sculptura concerts at 14th and 15th of January at 6pm at the Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art.

4.1.2017 15.38

Die Kalewainen in Pochjola -operas worlds premier is right at the corner.

The world premiere of a rediscovered opera composed by Karl Müller-Berghaus over 120 years ago sees its light at 28th of February at Logomo, Turku. Kalewainen is the first through-composed opera based on the Kalevala and also by far the most ambitious musical work written in Finland in the 19th century. The opera is jointly produced by the Turku Philharmonic Orchestra and the Turku Music Festival and forms part of the centenary celebrations of Finland's independence in 2017.

In this document, opera researcher Elke Albrecht enlightens the history of the Kalewainen Opera and operas based on the Finnish epic – Kalevala. What was the music culture like in 1890s Turku? Why did a German composer, Karl Müller-Berghaus, choose the Finnish epic as a subject for an opera? Why is the premiere in 2017 when it was composed over 120 years ago?

3.1.2017 11.43

You can buy livetweet tickets to the opening concert Freude! on 11th January!

Livetweet ticket means that you are allowed to use social media like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram in the real time from your seat! You can take photos, but remember not to use flash or sound in your device.

Official hashtags for the concert are #leiflive and #change2017. Concert is also an online concert so you can participate in the conversation at home.

Freude! at Turku Concert Hall Jan 11th at 7pm. Leif Segerstam, conductor. Jenni Lättilä, Merja Mäkelä, Tuomas Katajala, Niklas Spångberg, soloists. Chorus Cathedralis Aboensis. Turku Philharmonic Orchestra. Tickets 31/26/19€.

21.12.2016 10.36

Turku Concert Hall Sales Service (via telephone) is closed from 23th to 26th of December and the Cultural Shop Ars Musica is closed from 2nd to 8th January.

There's some exceptions with our ticket sales during holiday season. Sales Service takes a break from 23th to 26th of December, but serves normally afterwards. The Cultural Shop Ars Musica is closed from 2nd to 8th January. From you can purchase tickets normally.

Hereby, We Wish You a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Turku Cultural Shop Ars Musica (closed 23.12–26.12)
Turku Concert Hall, Aninkaistenkatu 9
Mon to Fri 11.00–17.00 and before events at the Concert Hall
Tel. +358-2-233 3663

Turku Concert Hall Sales Service (via telephone) (closed 2.1–8.1)
Telephone: Mon to Fri 09.00–15.00
Tel. (02) 262 0333


5.12.2016 10.08

Sold out Christmas concert closes Turku Philharmonic Orchestra's record year. 

The visitor count of Turku Philharmonic Orchestra is growing again. At the end of November orchestra has exceeded it's visitor goal over 35 percent and audience's increase by 170 percent. At December's programme there is yet to come Independence Day's Gala Concert, sold out Christmas Concert, Ecumenical Christmas at Turku Cathedral and nursing home concerts. This year's visitor count has already overcome 2015's. 

Symphony concerts by Turku Philharmonic Orchestra have been in year 2016 recor-breaking 96 percent replete by audience. 

Great ticket sales has been taken into account also at Spring season's opening concert, which is performed three times from 11th to 13th of January. Chief Conductor Leif Segerstam conducts Beethoven's 9th Symphony at the concert Freude!

Swinging Christmas! At the Turku Concert Hall Fri 9.12. 19 o'clock. Antti Rissanen, conductor, Aili Ikonen and Osmo Ikonen, song, Turku Philharmonic Orchestra. Christmas Concert. Tickets 23,50/18,50/9,50 € (sold out).

5.12.2016 09.28

Chamber music concert Sculptura gets another concert at Sunday 15th of January at 18 o'clock. 

Ticketsale for springseason has begun actively. First chamber music concert Sculptura was early sold out and now we're making another concert at Sunday 15th of January.  Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art's concert's programme has music from Wäinö Aaltonens era like Jean Sibelius and Oskar Merikanto as well as from modern composers from Turku. 

Tickets 21/16/9 €. The concert is preceded by a guided tour of the major Wäinö Aaltonen exhibition at 17.00. Combined tickets for the tour and recital: EUR 25/20/13.


2.12.2016 14.28

4th of December we celebrate Finland's independence and multicultural Turku at the Turku Castle. One of the highlights is music performance by immigrant students conducted by musicians from Turku Philharmonic Orchestra. Celebration is organized by #yksiturku campaign.