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Opening week full of programme!

Orchestra’s opening week includes 3 symphony concerts, 2 chamber music concerts, Change-lecture, After Concert -event, head starts and Vino-gallery’s vernissage.

Chief Conductor Leif Segerstam conducts Turku Philharmonic Orchestra at Freude! concerts that are heard on Wed 11th, Thu 12th and Fri 13th January at the Turku Concert Hall. Program has Ludwig van Beethoven’s 9th Symphony “Ode to Joy”, which is one of the most famous classical pieces. Soloists are soprano Jenni Lättilä, mezzosoprano Merja Mäkelä, tenor Tuomas Katajala and bass Niklas Spångberg. Chorus Cathedralis Aboensis is responsible for the choir parts.

Freude!-concerts also launch the orchestra’s “You must be the change you wish to see in the world” -series, Change2017. It considers pieces that have changed the world somehow in six different concerts preceded by open public lectures at the Turku City Library. First lecture, "All people become brothers": Beethoven´s 9th symphony and music as a force for change, is held at library’s Tietotori on Tue 10th at 5pm. Speakers are Susanna Välimäki and Emilie Gardberg.

After Wednesday’s Freude! concert there is a After Concert -event at the Concert Hall’s upper foyer. Before both Thursday’s and Friday’s concert there is a head start at 6pm at downstairs cafeteria.

Concert Hall’s VINO-gallery celebrates Otto-Ville Väätäinen’s “There where nothing is eternal” (Siellä missä mikään ei ole ikuista) exhibitions vernissage.

Spring’s chamber music series begins with two Sculptura concerts at 14th and 15th of January at 6pm at the Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art.