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Berlioz´s Symphonie fantastique is performed spiced up with #tfovirtual-experience

Turku Philharmonic Orchestra performs Hector Berlioz´s Symphonie fantastique on Thursday 30th of November and Friday 1st of December at 7 pm in the Turku Concert Hall. Symphonie fantastique is visualized by lightning designer Timo Ollila, designer of video projections Jussi Virkkumaa and Dance Theater ERI. Alberto Hold-Garrido conducts the orchestra. The audience has a possibility to participate as well as the concert is the first experience in the orchestra´s new #tfovirtual-concept.


Hector Berlioz´s classic work consists of five parts and tells the story of a young artist in love. The piece is about desperate love, crazy dreams and the horrors of doomsday.


Audience has a chance to join in the making of the Turku Philharmonic Orchestras Fantastique! –concert experience. In the concerts all five parts of Berlioz’s Fantastic Symphony get their own ambience of colours and lights. The audience can vote in real-time which colour best fits the mood of each part. To participate in the voting is simple – you just need a smartphone or a tablet with internet access. Go to to participate. The voting platform is part of the new #tfovirtual-experience that aims to create an inclusive, modern concert experience. Technical and visual realization of by Citrus Solutions Ltd.


Fantastique! in Turku Concert Hall Thu November 30th and Fri December 1st at 7 pm. Tasty Tones December 1st at 5.30 pm. Alberto Hold-Garrido, conductor, Timo Ollila, lightning design, Jussi Virkkumaa, video projections, Dance Theater ERI. Berlioz. Tickets 23,50/18,50/9,50€.