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Christmas around the world

Turku Philharmonic Orchestra´s autumn season ends with joyful Christmas concerts on Wednesday 13th and Friday 15th of December at 7 pm in the Concert Hall.

Christmas, Noël, Weihnachten – Antti Rissanen conducts an upbeat holiday concert with Christmas tunes from Finland, Sweden, Germany, England, the USA, France, Bohemia and Ireland! Charming soloists Juki Välipakka and Annimaria Rinne bring a swinging Christmas mood.

Christmas around the world in Turku Concert Hall wed 13.12. and fri 15.12. at 7 pm Antti Rissanen, conductor Juki Välipakka and Annimaria Rinne, vocals, Turku Philharmonic Orchestra. Tickets 23,50/18,50/9,50€.