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Livetweet is now SoMe Seat

Livetweet concert is now SoMe Seat - Social Media Seat - concert. You can use whatever social media channel you prefer to comment the concert. 

You shouldn´t talk in the middle of a concert – but feel to comment in social media! At our live concerts, certain seats include the opportunity to comment on the concert in real time on Twitter and other social media. Buy a Some Seat ticket and share your experiences in any social media platform as it happens!

In the King of the Basses -concert on January 11th the back row of seats is reserved for social media users. SoMe Seat tickets for Culture Card holders €15/ticket!

King of the Basses
Thu 11.1. and Fri 12.1. | 19.00 | Concert Hall

Leif Segerstam, conductor
Kaisa Ranta, soprano
Matti Salminen, bass

Max Reger: die Toteninsel
Modest Musorgski: Songs and Dances of Death (Salminen sings)
Ludvig van Beethoven: Egmont (recital for Salminen, Ranta sings)

The spring begins with Beethoven’s powerful and dramatic incidental music to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s play Egmont. This popular suite of music for the stage accompanies the tale of the heroic life of Count Egmont in the 16th century. The programme also includes celebrated bass arias performed by Matti Salminen, one of the most distinguished bass singers of our time. This monumental concert is of course conducted by maestro Leif Segerstam.

The length of the concert is approx. 2 h.