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Public dress rehearsals during spring

The Turku Culture Card provides you access to the dress rehearsals of the Turku Philharmonic free of charge! The dress rehearsals start at 11 am.

The rehearsals may vary in duration; generally, at a dress rehearsal the programme of the evening´s concert is played straight through in the order of performance. However, depending on the conductor and the repertoire, a dress rehearsal may also involve rehearsing certain movements or certain instrument sections; also, some of the evening´s program may be omitted or performed in a cursory manner.

Dress rehearsals are held at Turku Concert Hall, Aninkaistenkatu 9, unless otherwise specified. The front doors are opened at about 10.30, but acces to the hall is only allowed a few minutes before the rehearsal begins. The dress rehearsals start at 11 am, and after that the doors to the concert hall will be closed. The café is not open during dress rehearsals.

Public dress rehearsals on spring 2018