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For schools and day care centers

Enter the wonderful world of music with the Turku Philharmonic Orchestra at a school concert or a final rehearsal. Remember Ysivip!


Children's music salon: The Mouse - An Orchestral Tale


Sun 10.2.2019
14.00 & 16.00
Turku Concert Hall

Satu Simola, conductor and narrator
TPO:s Mouse Orchestra

Satu Simola´s The Mouse – An orchestral tale is a concert for the whole family. It is tale of a mouse that lives in a monstrous machine he himself has built to protect himself against the world. But the Mouse is lonely in the machine. One day, a bird of paradise lands on top of the machine. The Mouse must choose whether to chase away a potential friend or to give up the safety of the machine and allow the bird to stay. The story lasts about 20 minutes. The concert also includes children’s songs and instrument presentations.



Hilla & Liisi - A musical tale


Esa Heikkilä, conductor
Mari Kätkä, vocals
Ulla Piispanen, vocals 
Tuomas Kesälä, piano
Piccolo choir of the Puolala School music classes

Tuomas Kesälä & Jarkko Kiiski, arrangements
Sari Airola, illustrations and design

Hilla and Liisi are two tiny creatures full of music, two friends a little like trolls and a little like people, happy and lively. This is a musical tale for the whole family, with an orchestra accompanying the adventure through festive and everyday events! Hilla and Liisi is a tale composed by seasoned music educators Mari Kätkä, Ulla Piispanen and Tuomas Kesälä, with visual design by award-winning graphic artist Sari Airola. It is both an adventure tale and a first introduction to the world of orchestral music for children.

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Public final rehearsals

School and daycare groups are welcome to attend rehearsals on concert days to see what goes on in an orchestra’s daily work. We send out materials to schools and daycare centres to help prepare for the visit. Admission to the public final rehearsals is free and include a brief introductory talk at the Concert Hall 30 minutes before the rehearsal begins. The talks begin at 10.30, and the rehearsal ends at about 12.00.

The public final rehearsals of the spring season 2019 are held:

14.2/28.2/25.4/ (please note that the 14.2. final rehearseal is for school groups only).

If you wish to book a visit for your group, get in touch at least two weeks before the event with, Heidi Pulkkinen, producer.



Free concert tickets for 9th graders in Turku! Get your free ticket by showing your Ysivip card at the Concert Hall box office during the same week as the Ysivip concert if seats are available. No advance reservations.

The Ysivip concerts this autumn are

and the spring 2019:





Student tickets bought in advance are sold at the latter of the two quoted prices. Student tickets to symphony concerts may be bought on the day of the concert at EUR 3 each, subject to availability and by immediate purchase only (no reservations). This concession is personal and will be granted on presentation of a valid student card.

The children's activities of Turku Philharmonic Orchestra are sponsored by OP Turun Seutu, OP Financial Group member bank.