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Day care for immigrant children in Turku

Municipal day care for a child who speaks a foreign language is primarily arranged in the family's residential area. The parents' wish for a placement in a Finnish-language day care centre or a Swedish-language day care centre will be taken into consideration. Placement in municipal day care is applied for according to the application instructions.

When necessary, an ambulatory special kindergarten teacher will assist the child, the parents and the staff of the day care centre. Interpretation services facilitate the cooperation in the initial stages.

To promote the integration of an immigrant child we strive to :

  • support a balanced development and growth in two cultures
  • give the child skills to manage pre-school education and comprehensive teaching
  • help the child to become a part of Finnish society      

Day care in Russian, English and French is arranged in private day care centres.

More information

Getting to know Day Care - a Guide for Families

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