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Public seminar envisions Turku in 2031


Above: The public seminar gathered a full house of active citizens  to the Puutarhakatu Auditorium. 

Sampo Ruoppila

Above: The Director of the City of Turku’s Research Programme, Sampo Ruoppila.

Antti Jääskeläinen

   Above: The urban park concept is a leading idea, said Antti Jääskeläinen while also reminding us of world heritage values. 

Mikko Laaksonen

    Above: Mikko Laaksonen, presented the visions contained in the proposals for the structural model for 2031, and reminded the audience of the challenges facing public transport. 


How should Turku city centre develop?

In the Puutarhakatu Auditorium on 10 January, 2012, a public seminar on the development of the centre of Turku attracted a full house of interested citizens. The gathering of feedback on the vision for Turku 2031 will continue via the Internet.

In 2031 Turku will be designed for people's enjoyment, declares the vision for Turku 2031 presented at the public seminar and published on the Internet . Therefore, it is important to hear feedback and ideas from city residents, stated the Mayor of Turku Aleksi Randell in his opening address.

– Those ideas which are presented today, will be taken into account before the decision-making process begins, promised Randell.

The working party for a vibrant city centre for Turku in 2031 called for wide-ranging feedback on their vision, and the public seminar proved to be a start for listening to local opinion.

The event began with Sampo Ruoppila presenting the role of public space in urban development. The vision of Turku 2031 in the current draft was presented to the public by the Director of the Master Planning Office, Markku Toivonen. Then the microphone circulated for a long time round the tightly packed auditorium.

Soundbites from the seminar:

The developments along the River Aura have been a success story. Can that success can be transferred elsewhere? The river area functions, but what about the cross-direction connections? (Sampo Ruoppila)

In 2031 those moving through Turku centre will notice that the town is well cared for. This is the motto for our vision of Turku 2031. (Markku Toivonen)

The micro-perspective has been well presented, I hope that the macro-perspective challenges will also be considered. (Mikko Laaksonen)

Perhaps it would also be appropriate to realize a vision for 2051, or go even further? (Antti Jääskeläinen)

The city cannot develop on terms set by the car, this has been seen elsewhere in Europe. (Maarit Nermes)

For what type of city population and structure are we producing ideas? Cycle parking areas are a good suggestion, but where is the rollator parking area? (Eini Pihlajamäki)

How will technology have changed in 20 years time? What new dimensions will it bring to the cityscape? I’m missing visions on this issue. (Minna Arve)

How do you go 20 years into the future? We need a plan that is reviewed once every city council term. (Matti Niemi)

The City of Turku has been praiseworthy in its urban park projects – it a leading idea. (Antti Jääskeläinen)

Cultural history should be the only value by which cities are developed. (Benito Casagrande)

It is essential that cultural and historical sites are in use in the modern era. (Mikko Laaksonen)

The capital has only distant stops and public transport to its centre, but Turku is built for cars. Yes, my VW likes it. (Markku Säisänen)

The Fortuna Block should become a Parisian-style city park. (Maarit Nermes)


Read the vision for Turku 2031 :

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