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Logomon näyttämö

Above: Logomo’s latest concept was presented on Tuesday by its Managing Director, Päivi Rytsä; the Director of Hartela Ltd, Kimmo Arjasmaa; and the Director of Operations at Sunborn Catering Oy, Hans Niemi.

A new workspace concept

Logomo becomes a place for the collision between thought and knowledge – a new restaurant complex opens this autumn

Plans for Logomo’s workplace premises have begun to take on a more concrete form. When Logomo is completed next year its aim will be to change work culture as well as create new ideas. In support of that, Logomo will open a unique restaurant concept this autumn.

Logomo's new and highly anticipated workplace premises concept was presented last Tuesday. The new Logomo wants to profile itself as an innovative environment for new and changed perceptions of how work will be done in the future. In addition, it aims to create the conditions from which new ideas can freely emerge.

According to Logomo’s Managing Director, Päivi Rytsä, the intention is not to focus on advertising and media industry companies without also bringing in an appropriate mix of large and small companies from other industries, plus experts who have the capacity to mutually bounce ideas off each other and inspire each other.

- The creative industries is a fragmented concept. We want Logomo to serve as an umbrella under which one person companies can function equally well alongside larger companies. We believe that something new and unforeseen can only arise if we bring together a diversity of thinking, knowledge and skills that can complement each other, says Rytsä.

Rytsä did not go into detail about the precise concept because not all tenants have been made public yet. Nonetheless, the concept has attracted much interest both in Turku and throughout Finland, especially from the metropolitan area and northern Finland.

– Among those who expressed interest in the concept are companies that want to expand their operations in Turku, or even move into new premises in Logomo, says Rytsä.

Havainnekuva Logomosta

Above: An illustration of the new workspaces and facilities being built on three floors at Logomo.

According to Rytsä, Logomo does not want to label what belongs in the so-called creative industries and what does not. However, the sectors that are clearly in question include design, marketing and communications,  the games industry as well as various music and program services. The concept can equally serve the needs of entrepreneurs operating alone, educational institutions, researchers, associations, or business incubators.

Currently, Logomo is seeking companies who are willing to participate in the pilot process, which starts in April 2013 when the first tenants will be taken in.

– We are looking for entrepreneurs with a pioneering spirit to develop Logomo and its facilities with us, says Rytsä.

Tailor-made services for businesses

In the spring of 2013 Logomo will take into use about 3,500m2 of premises on three floors from its total of 10,000m2. The size of the individual facilities ranges from 10m2 to hundreds of square meters.

In the first phase, a completely new type of work concept called Konepaja Open Office will be launched, which offers a flexible design for temporary and short-term work. The spatial design particularly takes into account how to facilitate mobility and networking as well as ensuring good lines of visibility between premises.

– Logomo offers 300m2 of spacious and adjustable workspace at reasonable monthly rents. A small business does not necessarily need to commit to a long-term contract because they can also be made on a monthly basis, says Päivi Rytsä.

In the future, Logomo will house a full range of  services for enterprises operating on its premises.

– The idea is to offer customised services for businesses in Logomo. The house will offer wi-fi connections, meeting and auditorium faciities, lobby or postal services, and such things as saunas. Firms will not have to tie up capital in these, as they are already part of Logomo, describes Kimmo Arjasmaa, Director of Hartela Oy.

According to Arjasmaa, in addition to the development of Logomo, there will also be improvements in transport links and parking facilities.


Above: Building at Logomo is on schedule. Here one of the new auditoriums is under construction.

An exceptional restaurant concept

Logomo will host a multi-purpose event and lunch restaurant as early as this September.

- Taken as a whole, Logomo is exceptional. So something special was required for the restaurant concept. Its uniqueness comes from its versatility: it can instantly transform from being a restaurant into a café and a lunch restaurant, a restaurant for staging events or a club, says the creator of the restaurant concept and the man responsible for realising it, says Hans Niemi, Director of Operations at Turku-based Sunborn Catering Ltd.

In the 600m2 restaurant you can enjoy lunch, spend an evening watching a concert, and arrange private or corporate events. The restaurant will be open from the early morning to the evening, so it can smoothly serve Logomo’s companies.

– The restaurant will be based entirely on user needs. The kitchen is multi-purpose and can adapt to different food or service situations without loss of quality, says Niemi.


Above: Hartela Oy's Director Kimmo Arjasmaa at the site of the future restaurant, which is set to open in autumn.

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