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Above: Balancing on the River Aura


Above: The Colourscape Labyrinth

Eurocultured (kuva: Kari Vainio)

Above: Eurocultured (photo: Kari Vainio)

Capital of Culture summer calendar for 2012:

Almost a third of the 2011 productions are revived for this year

Capital of Culture 2011 favourites return

Audience favourites from European Capital of Culture 2011 can be seen and experienced again in Turku this summer; culture remains strong everywhere in Turku, even if Capital of Culture year is over.

More than 50 of the Turku 2011 projects are being revived through the continued funding of the Turku 2011 Foundation. The aim is to permanently embed the best of 2011 within Turku’s cultural life.

Currently, Vähätori is hosting its second New Potato Festival, while after midsummer the Onion-shaped Sounding Dome sauna will open by the riverside. Already floating on the river and enchanting city residents and tourists alike are the giant eider ducks of Tasapainoilua, which unified performance art with the art installation.

Colour, life and music

In July, the super-popular Colourscape Labyrinth and the electronic music festival Turku Modern return to Turku and in September the streets and Logomo will be taken over by the Eurocultured street art festival. In addition, the Neighbourhood Weeks are already underway in different parts of Turku.

In all, Capital of Culture year realised 167 projects and 52 of those will continue in some form or another. Among the projects there are old and also brand new works, both of which aim to sustain 2011’s legacy.

The Foundation's support will particularly focus on 2012–2013

The follow-up projects are based on those which resulted in 2011’s most positive experiences or those which the report on 2011 can be said to have crystalised the essence of Capital of Culture year. The projects prepared and coordinated for Capital of Culture year receive their funding from the Turku 2011 Foundation.

During 2011, a group put together under the leadership of Risto Ruohonen, Director General of the Finnish National Gallery, made a large number of proposals and measures for continuing and ensuring that the Capital of Culture’s legacy will take root in the city.

The report especially emphasises:  

  • the revitalization of urban space through culture  
  • environmental art projects that will have significance for city residents
  • the further development of the creative industries
  • cooperation, networking and training between various industries 
  • effectively utilising 2011’s theme of "Culture is Good for You".

An example of this continuity of action is the Aurajoki Network Association which was inspired by and established for Capital of Culture year. This summer it will produce the JÅ Summer 2012 Festivals. The association, founded by Turku-based artists and cultural actors, coordinates cultural events along the River Aura, and markets the strong and diverse cultural scene that flourishes along it as well as the area itself as a centre for culture.

Capital of Culture events also live on elsewhere in the world. Passion by Tanssiteatteri ERI as well as Kimmo Pohjonen’s Accordion Wrestling can be seen on tour in London and New York. Alice in Wonderland, as seen at Logomo, has been on display in Cádiz, while Kulturhuset in Stockholm hosts the Tom of Finland exhibition from 28 June onwards.

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