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Preparatory education for vocational basic education for young immigrants

Basic vocational training can be preceded by preparatory education that prepares young immigrants for vocational education. Preparatory education became statutory in the beginning of 1999. Applying for the education is done straight to the educational institutions and not in the joint application system.

The education lasts approximately one year, and its extent is 20-40 credits. The goal of the preparatory education is to enhance the students' possibilities to get into vocational education institutions. The preparatory education includes studies in Finnish language, mathematical and societal subjects and introductory courses to different professions. All students will have an individual study plan.

Students in preparatory education are eligible for normal student financial aid and school travel aid. Students are also eligible for integration aid, if the preparatory education is part of his/hers individual integration plan.

Preparatory education in Turku is organized by

- Turku Vocational Institute and
- Turku Vocational Adult Education Centre

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