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Brunch concert II

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Serenade for Winds in E-flat major
Joseph Haydn: Divertimentos D major Hob. Deest.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Divertimento B-flat major for two clarinets and bassoon

Tuomas Harri, horn
Hannes Kaukoranta, horn
Satu Ala, oboe
Jun Saotome, oboe
Kenny Keppel, clarinet
Tapio Liukkonen, clarinet
Etienne Boudreault, bassoon
Jarmo Korhonen, bassoon

Fabulous brunch accompanied by classical music. 

The length of the concert is approx. 45 min, total time for dining is 1,5 hours.
Children under 12 years 14 €

Westin hall
25.5. 13:00
28.00 € | 28.00 €