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Die Kalewainen in Pochjola -opera

The world premiere of a rediscovered opera composed by Karl Müller-Berghaus over 120 years ago. Kalewainen is the first through-composed opera based on the Kalevala and also by far the most ambitious musical work written in Finland in the 19th century. The opera is jointly produced by the Turku Philharmonic Orchestra and the Turku Music Festival and forms part of the centenary celebrations of Finland's independence in 2017.

Leif Segerstam, conductor
Tiina Puumalainen, director
Tommi Hakala, Ilmarinen
Kaisa Ranta, Ismo
Petri Lindroos, Väinämöinen
Johanna Rusanen, Louchi
Christian Juslin, Achti Lemminkäinen
Anna Danik, Luonnotar


The technichal equipment in the Logomo hall is brand new, and the hall can be changed and reorganized after the needs of each event. The B and C audience is mobile, which allows changes to the audience size depending on the event, and even during the sale phase. Due to this all seats wont be available during all sale phases. The seat you've chosen may move closer to the stage, but the map always shows the furthest possible distance to the stage.

Logomo is situated in the city centre, close to Turku's main railway station and the bus station. The journey by train or bus from Helsinki or Tampere to Turku takes less than two hours. It's easy to get to Logomo by public transpost, or walking. The bridge over the railwaystation takes you directly to Logomo, and a walk from the Market Square only takes about 15 minutes. 

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