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Only online concert: Saivo

Ari Rasilainen, conductor
Jukka Perko, saxophone
Turku Philharmonic Orchestra

Outi Tarkiainen: Saxophone Concerto Saivo
Felix Mendelssohn: Symphony no. 4 in A major op. 90 ‘Italian’

Outi Tarkiainen is one of the most interesting Finnish composers of her generation, and Saivo, dedicated to Jukka Perko, presents the saxophone in a new light. The title is a word referring to the ancient Sámi religion, originally meaning a lake with two bottoms beyond which there lies a realm inhabited by otherworldly creatures. The concluding number is a symphony that Mendelssohn completed on a tour of Europe.

Turku Concert Hall
4.2. 19:00

The length of the concert is about 1 h 45 min. Intermission.