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Open Orchestra

Jukka Untamala, conductor
Paleface, host 
Timo Ollila, visual designer

Edvard Grieg: Vuorenkuninkaan luolassa (sisääntulo)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Sinfonia nro 40 g-molli, 1. osa
Sergei Prokofjev: Montaguet ja Capuletit orkesterisarjasta Romeo ja Julia
Sergei Prokofjev: Romeo Julian haudalla orkesterisarjasta Romeo ja Julia
Edward Elgar: Enigma-variaatiot, 9. osa Nimrod
Maurice Ravel: Bolero (siirtymä väliajalle)
Ludwig van Beethoven: Sinfonia nro 7 A-duuri, 4. osa (sisääntulo)
Camille Saint- Saëns: Bacchanale oopperasta Simson ja Delila
Andrea Tarrodi: Camelopardalis
John Williams: Imperiumin marssi elokuvasta Tähtien sota
Faithless feat. Paleface: Insomnia

Experience the impact of a large symphony orchestra like never before – from the inside! Open Orchestra gives audience members the chance to observe musicians close at hand and to move about within the orchestra during the concert. For the first part of the concert, half of the audience sits in the upper stalls in the Concert Hall, while the others are free to roam amidst the orchestra. After the interval, the audience members swap places. The seats are numbered, and your ticket will indicate when you are expected to sit and when to walk. This concept was introduced by the Copenhagen Philharmonic and is now being tested in Finland for the first time. The interactive journey through classical music features works from various eras, from Mozart to Ravel. The experience is hosted and enhanced with impressive visual design and lighting.

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Turku Concert Hall
8.11. 19:00

1 h 30 min. Intermission.

24.00 € | 19.00 € | 9.00 €