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Open rehearsal: Blown away by the bassoon (only with senior wrist band)

Alexandre Bloch, conductor
Etienne Boudreault, bassoon

Robert Schumann: Manfred-overture
Carl Maria von Weber: Bassoon Concerto in F major op. 75
Arnold Schönberg: Chamber Symphony no. 1 in E major op. 9b


The exact duration of the public final rehearsals varies depending on the concert program. Final rehearsals are a walk-through of the whole concert. The orchestra rehears also separate parts or stems depending on the conductor and the program.

Final rehearsals are held in Turku Concert Hall unless stated otherwise. Concert Hall doors are opened around 10.30 and audience is seated few minutes before the rehearsal begins. The cafeteria is not open during the rehearsals.


Before the concert you can explore the concert hall on a guided tour at 10:15. Number of the participants is limited.


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Turku Concert Hall
8.3. 11:00
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