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Vino-gallery is located in the Turku Concert Hall, where the ramp's wall between downstairs and upstairs is covered in art. Vino-gallery changes biannually. 

Vino-gallery's exhibition in Spring 2020

“Tranquility”, mixed media, 2020 

We feel that listening to music evokes subjects from the subconsciousness faster than looking at a picture. Hereby creating a gateway to an irregular and intuitive method of constructing an image. To us, music is more abstract than visual arts, even though the feelings that music arouses can be much more tangible. Both fine art and music are near to  our hearts, but there is something fundamentally different in the way we experience them. We want to know what happens when we allow these two elements to collide. 

In the artwork here at Vino-galleria, our personal both musically and visually inspired impulses are on display. The work does not aim to make a statement in any direction. It  solely manifests our own humanity and reveals something of it’s creators. 

Key material in the work is recycled note papers. Our relation to music is a bit unacademic to  say the least and we wanted to discuss the fields of music and visual arts with these note  papers. 

The artwork has been created by Ville Ruuska and Jussi Lipasti. As artists they are  interested in the randomness and absurdity of things as well as the utter insanity of the  world. They are both studying to become visual artist at the Arts academy of Turku university of applied sciences.

Ville Ruuska and Jussi Lipasti