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Vino-gallery is located in the Turku Concert Hall, where the ramp's wall between downstairs and upstairs is covered in art. Vino-gallery changes biannually. 

Vino-gallery's exhibition in Autumn 2019

irrelevant matters

The clear tape is invisible until the light hits it from the right angle. Blank white paper becomes from unnecessary to important, when it receives marks on its surface.

We have worked with materials that are perceived to be everyday and ordinary. In somehow self-evident. We want to emphasize themes of usefulness, being seen and incompleteness. We are looking for something gentle. The kind of experience that things will become more precise under its own weight and it’s ok.

Leppänen, Ojanperä and Sillgren forms the working group behind the artwork. They are brought together by everything and nothing. Curiosity. Interest in doing something together. They are studying fine arts for the fourth year at the Turku University of Applied Sciences.