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TPO and Egotrippi perform together in January

Turku Philharmonic Orchestra and Egotrippi will unite their forces on Thursday 31st of January 2019 in Turku Concert Hall. The concert is a sequel to Egotrippi’s 25-year-old-anniversary tour “Aina matkalla jonnekin”. The band’s previous performances with Finnish orchestras have received an enthusiastic reception and the concerts have been performed to full houses.

During its career, Egotrippi has sold double-platinum, platinum and gold and is known for its hits “Älä koskaan ikinä”, “Matkustaja” and “Unihiekkaa”. During the unique night will see Egotrippi perform around 20 songs from its large production in orchestral arrangements. Egotrippi’s guitar and singing fronted pop- and rock music combined to the rich soundscape raises the songs to the next level. The artistic director of the concert is Pessi Levanto. Besides Levanto, the arrangements are written by Marzi Nyman, Lasse Enersen, Arttu Takalo, Anssi Växby and Sami Pitkämö. The concert is conducted by Antti Rissanen.

Egotrippi’s Knipi sums up the feelings of the band: “Co-operation with a big orchestra has been a whole new thing for us, and so these concerts have been a great leap to the unknown. I wait excitedly, but also very eagerly our upcoming concert with Antti Rissanen and Turku Philharmonic. Already our performances with orchestra at Helsinki Festival made me got shivers down my spine. We wanted to make this ambitiously. We gave free hands to arrangers whom we appreciate and Pessi Levanto a full authority to work as an artistic director. We wanted to put ourselves out there so that we could achieve something new and great to the arrangements as the basic idea of ​​the song would remain loyal to original. Repertoire is planned very carefully. Naturally, we will play our most well-known hits but also songs we haven’t played in years.”

As for Pessi Levanto comments: “Egotrippi’s songs are strong, traditional handmade pop-songs, which offer many possibilities to the arranger to use the symphony orchestra. And still, the songs always as if play itself.”

Turku Philharmonic Orchestra’s chief executive Maati Rehor considers that musical boundaries crossing co-operation is very important nowadays: “Music consumption is changed and many of the audience listen fluently both rock and classical music - so do I. As a great Egotrippi-fan I was very convinced when I heard this concert at Helsinki Festival. I’m very pleased to have the band for TPO’s guest.”

Egotrippi, who started its 25-anniversary tour in 2018, performed for the first time in 1993. In 2003 the band got its first gold record for the album called “Matkustaja”. 20 hits -compilation which was released a year later sold already platinum and the song “Matkustaja” was awarded with the best home song Emma-statue. With their sixth album ”Vielä koittaa uusi aika”, the band achieved number one at the chart. “Maailmanloppua odotellessa” was released in 2008 and it was awarded with three Emma-statues. Egotrippi is Mikki Kauste, singing and keyboards, Knipi, singing and guitar, Skele, guitar, Anssi Maasalo, bass and singing, and Risto Niinikoski, drums and singing.

Antti Rissanen is a diversified musician. He is known as a trombonist, composer, arranger, teacher as well as a conductor. He completed his degree as a doctor of music from Sibelius Academy in spring 2015. Rissanen was only 15 when he started his career as a conductor. He paid his first visit to Turku Philharmonic Orchestra in 2009. Afterwards he has often been seen in front of the orchestra.

Pessi Levanto is a pianist, an arranger and a composer. He has composed music for movies, television and ochestras and made orchestra arrangements of Classical Trancelations -concert amongst others. Levanto is one of the most promising Finnish movie composers and he is familiar with both classical and jazz/rock -genres.

Egotrippi & TPO at Turku Concert Hall, Thu 31st of January at 7 pm.  Antti Rissanen, conductor, Egotrippi, Turku Philharmonic Orchestra. Tickets 34 / 29 / 18,50 €. Ticket sale begins 16th of October 2018 at 9 am.