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Dive into the heart of the orchestra - experience the unique Open Orchestra

Open Orchestra is for the first time in Finland. The Turku Philharmonic Orchestra’s autumn season major project gives audience an opportunity to explore the power of a symphony orchestra in a new way and see musicians working very closely. This isn’t a traditional concert: audience will get to adventure among the orchestra. According to producer Heidi Pulkkinen it is going to be an interesting experience: “The orchestra is decentralized in the Concert Hall like a musical labyrinth. Walking through it one may feel many stories and highlights of the orchestra music.”

Conductor Jukka Untamala is enthusiastic about the project: “Because this is a very unusual concert situation, I wait it very enthusiastically. This initial setting creates challenges to the performers, but we take them eagerly. Normally symphony orchestras can’t be seen this close, so the contact between performers and audience will be something new. It is definitely experience to both the musicians and the listeners.”

Be impressed and feel the power of the orchestra

Open Orchestra’s original idea comes from Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra. This kind of special concert creates an opportunity to observe very accurately, how the playing sounds near by the different instrument sections. Untalama says that one may sink into the music from a different ankle: “The freedom, that situation creates to the audience, is very interesting. Some might take advantage of the situation and find the most pleasant spot of sounds and stop to listen – whether it is in the middle of trombone section, near by the harp, or right in front of the conductor!”

Untalama recommends audience to profit the exquisite occasion: “I encourage you to enjoy the moment and sense, what the music feels like. It is like getting into the middle of a giant mixing table: you can try different balances and emphasis.” Producer Heidi Pulkkinen also encourages everyone to delight in the situation: “Come with open and curious minds and enjoy the adventure in the middle of the orchestra!”

Open Orchestra

Turku Concert Hall Fri 8.11., Thu 14.11., and Fri 15.11. at 19.00.
Tickets from Concert Hall´s Ars Musica (Mon to Fri 12-17) and online webshop.
A journey to the core of music can begin – welcome to dive in!