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Music activies online

Watch online concerts from TFO Live

Music plays online! You can find help to your music craving from our online concerts. All upcoming and previous online concerts can be watched here. And then enjoy the music! 

Listen music from Youtube

Music from our homes to yours! Musicians of Turku Philharmonic Orchestra play Maurice Ravel´s Bolero on our Youtube-channel. Take a look! 
Our Youtube channel Turku Philharmonic Orchestra features also other videos of our performances. 

Youtube: Ravel Bolero

Play games and get to know instruments

Now is a good opportunity to immerse yourself to the world of music and test your own knowledge! How well do you know symphony orchestra and its instruments? And how would you mix the music of Mozart? Take a good seat on your couch and play games!

We recommend you to use Chrome or Firefox browsers. 

Peli: tutustu orkesteriin (in Finnish)
Peli: musavisa (in Finnish)
Peli: miksaa Mozart! (in Finnish)
Tutustu soittimiin (in Finnish)

Dive into the orchestra with 360 videos 

TFO 360: Uppoudu orkesterin sisälle
TFO 360:  Kurkista lyömäsoitinryhmän keskelle
TFO 360: Koe, millaista on olla patarumpujen vieressä

Follow us on social media

Do you already folllow us on social media? For example we will publish home rehearsal videos from our musicians in our Instagram Stories. 

Facebook: turkuphilharmonic
Instagram: @turkuphilharmonic
Twitter: @TurkuPhil

Explore OmaKirjasto 

OmaKirjasto offers library and other cultural and freetime services to your home. All services are free of charge. The website is in Finnish. 

Tutustu OmaKirjaston tarjontaan (in Finnish)
Lue lisää palvelusta (in Finnish)