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Olli Mustonen´s foreword for spring season

"I have engaged in musical cooperation with the Turku Philharmonic Orchestra for more than 35 years now – as a conductor, soloist and composer as well as the artistic director of the Turku Music Festival some thirty years ago – how time flies! In recent years, I have made increasingly frequent appearances as the conductor, and just like when reconnecting with an old friend sometimes, it has always felt like we are continuing our musical journey together from where we left off.

I feel like we inspire each other in a unique way – our rehearsals consist of intense, committed craft tinged with plenty of pure joy. Fittingly, this seems like the right time to make our relationship official. We are living in an exceptional time, but I am nonetheless reminded of Aapo’s wise words to his brothers in Seven Brothers: “It’s no use wailing and worrying, you must get to working and toiling.” This is one of those times that your support and encouragement, our dear audience, is of the utmost importance to us.

And so I would like to welcome you to our spring season concerts, online at first, and hopefully in concert halls as soon as possible, enjoying live and unique concerts."

Olli Mustonen, Artistic Director and Principal Conductor