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Season tickets and serial tickets

For a more affordable enjoyment, buy more tickets at once – or for the entire season!

Season tickets

In autumn season 2021 we are selling SOS-series, Chamber Music Series, Deluxe-series and All Symphonies -series.

If you have a season ticket, your old place will be automatically reserved for upcoming seasons, when selling season tickets is possible again.

All Symphonies -series

270 | 222 | 102 €

View the All Symphonies Series concerts.

Deluxe Series

269 | 224 | 103 €

View the Deluxe Series concerts.

Thursday Series

Friday Series

VIP clients

You are a VIP client of the Turku Philharmonic if you are a Thursday, Friday or Deluxe Series ticket holder. You will be able to obtain your VIP card when buying tickets, and you must show your VIP card to claim VIP benefits.

VIP benefits:

  • If you are a Thursday or Friday Series ticket holder, your previous seat will be reserved for you for the next season until a specific date.
  • As a Deluxe Series ticket holder, you save 30% on ticket prices compared to individual tickets.
  • As a Thursday or Friday Series ticket holder, you save 20% on ticket prices compared to individual tickets.
  • You can also buy individual tickets to Turku Philharmonic concerts not belonging to your series at a discount of 15%.
  • VIP receptions are held twice per season to allow VIP benefits recipients to meet performers and other orchestra personnel. VIP clients are notified personally of VIP receptions.
  • Varying benefits at Turku Cultural Shop Ars Musica and at the café Konserttitalo Catering.

Serial tickets

SOS Series

SOS, or Pick & Mix, is an excellent choice if you go to concerts often but buying a series ticket feels like too much of a commitment. For your SOS Series ticket, pick at least five concerts – any concerts at all, whether symphony, chamber music, theme, church or children’s concerts. With an SOS Series ticket, you will get a 20% discount compared to the combined price of individual tickets.

See the season brochure for the concert programmes.

Chamber Music Series

95 | 78 | 36 €

View the Chamber Music Series concerts.

Curious Explorers