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YOU must be the change!

Finland is turning 100 years and that resounds in our ears. At the same time the world is shook by crisis – intolerance and hatred escalates. The program of Turku Philharmonic Orchestra in 2017 takes a stance on the current situation in the world and reflects on music as a form of nonviolent resistance.

Our project ”YOU must be the CHANGE you wish to see in the world” is inspired by the term satyagraha, conceived by Mahatma Gandhi. Musical language needs no written joint language to communicate the message of peace.

The orchestra joins forces with the city of Turku’s library, youth services, Arts academy, University, the Music festival, The Donner institute and the church in order to create never before heard concerts, lectures and workshops in which we reflect on a better future and the individual’s responsibility in change.

CHANGE lifts international, humane themes that also link to our nation’s history. The core is formed by pieces, which in addition to the artistic experience also have been used to influence our society. The series begins with Beethoven’s 9th symphony, which has been used to protest against Pinochet’s dictatorship in Chile, against the communist reign in Tiamen square, to honor democracy at the fall of the Berlin wall and in remembrance of tsunami victims in Japan. The series ends with a world premiere of an oratorio by composer Pauliina Isomäki in which she aims to create an ethical and philosophical reflection of our time. We will do a transformative musical trip where humanity and respect are the core.

Please join us – change needs us all.

Emilie Gardberg
Chief Executive