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Updated 5.2.2021.

Your safety is important to us

We take the restrictions caused by the coronavirus and the safety guidelines issued by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare into account in our season programme and event planning. Concerts are primarily held without intervals, and the number of listeners allowed in the auditorium has been reduced. We will not be organising pre-shows for concerts held in September to prevent overcrowding in the café. Seats are assigned in a way that allows listeners to maintain a 1-metre safe distance from others. Adjacent seats available for purchase are intended only for people who live in the same household (such as parents and their children or spouses). Overcrowding at the box office and cloakroom is prevented with clear queueing lines and compliance with guidelines concerning safe distances.

Instructions for concert-goers:

  • Only visit us when healthy. If you fall ill or experience symptoms indicative of a COVID-19 infection, you can contact us to cancel your ticket: or +358 (0)2 262 0333. 
  • Maintain a safe distance of over 2 metres from other customers and staff when visiting Turku Concert Hall.
  • Remember good hand hygiene.
  • Cough and sneeze into your sleeve or a tissue.
  • We recommend you to wear a mask when participating in events.

Clean & Safe Turku